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  • See: IHS Jane's Aero-engines Full Record
  • See: IHS Jane's all the world's aircraft. Development and production. Full Record
  • See: IHS Jane's All the world's aircraft. Unmanned Full Record
  • Consists of fully searchable and browsable databases including English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries, Encyclopedia Nipponica and Encyclopedia of Japan, articles published in a weekly magazine Ekonomisuto, collection of Tōyō bunko series and other visual and sound databases. (Restricted to 8 simultaneous users.)

    When using this database and other optional databases provided by the distributor of JapanKnowledge Lib (i.e., Nihon rekishi chimei taikei and Kokushi daijiten), please open a different browser to login smoothly. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are recommended browsers, though other browsers can be used.

    Full Record
  • A full-text searchable database of articles on individual critics and theorists, critical and theoretical schools and movements, and the critical and theoretical innovations of specific countries and historical periods. It also treats related persons and fields that have been shaped by or have themselves shaped literary theory and criticism. Full Record
  • The Journal Citation Reports on the Web is a unique multidisciplinary research tool that provides a systematic, objective way to determine the relative importance of journals within their subject categories. JCR(r) Web is available in two editions: the Science Edition covers over 6,100 leading international science journals from the ISI database. The Social Sciences Edition covers approximately 1,800 leading international social sciences journals from the ISI database. It includes what subject matter each journal covers (Scope Notes), what journals are related by citation or subject, what each journal issue contains and where the journal can be found. Coverage is 2004 to present. Please consult the library catalog for data available from previous years. Full Record
  • Provides image and full-text online access of core academic journals in a variety of disciplines in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. The following collections are accessible: Arts and Sciences Collections I-XII; Business IV; Life Sciences Collection; and Public Health Reports.

    Full Record

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