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Image Collections LUNA

  • The Andrew Dickson White Architectural Photographs Collection is comprised of approximately 13,000 nineteenth- and early twentieth-century photographs of architecture, decorative arts, and sculpture. White (1832-1918), the first president of Cornell University, established the collection by donating several thousand images from his personal architectural library.

    1,358 images
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  • The AMICA Library contains over 114,000 works of art from the collections of contributing museums worldwide. Cultures and time periods range from contemporary art, Native American and Inuit art, to ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian works, along with Japanese and Chinese works. Types of works include paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, and photographs, as well as textiles, costumes, jewelry, decorative art, and books and manuscripts.

    114,000 images
    Please note that access restrictions have been placed on the AMICA Library content for delivery through the LUNA Commons. In order to access higher resolution files a subscription license is necessary.
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  • This collection has been superseded by a combination of the Archivision Architectural Images Collection & the Saskia Art Images Collection, which together made up over 90% of the earlier collection.

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  • The Archivision Digital Research Library is currently comprised of 65,000 images of architecture, archaeological sites, gardens, parks and works of art with broad appeal in humanities teaching. The Library is divided into Modules and spans the globe and all time periods, with each Module offering a mix of historic and contemporary material.

    65,000 images
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  • The Art & Cultural Heritage collection contains art history, historical, and cultural images from collections located at, or licensed by, the University of Kansas. It includes diverse images, such as art objects, architectural images, historical documents and photographs, and archaeological specimens. The images are intended primarily for teaching and research.

    120,000 images
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  • Catena, the Digital Archive of Historic Gardens and Landscapes, is a collection of historic and contemporary images, including plans, engravings, and photographs, intended to support research and teaching in the fields of garden history and landscape studies. Created through the collaborative efforts of landscape historians and institutions, the initial offering of images is focused on the Villas as a Landscape Type.

    1,723 images
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  • The Classical Heritage Image Collection is an on-going project organized by the KU Department of Classics. The diverse subject matter of this collection explores the boundaries of the classical tradition in the humanities from Greek and Roman art history and archaeology to classical mythology to the reception of classical antiquity from the Renaissance to the Modern period. The images from this collection are intended for teaching and research. Please search the entire Luna collection for additional images.

    905 images
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  • The David Rumsey Collection focuses on 18th and 19th century North and South American cartographic materials. The collection includes atlases, globes, school geographies, maritime charts, and a variety of separate maps including pocket, wall, children's and manuscript maps. The online selection is an expanding cross section of images designed to highlight the depth and breadth of the collection. The digital images and associated descriptive data are ? Cartography Associates.

    20,042 images
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  • The Dole Institute houses and makes available the papers, photographs, artifacts and audio visual materials relating to the life and political career of Robert J. Dole, former U.S. Congressman (1960-1969), Senator (1970-1996) and Presidential Candidate (1996). This online collection, selected from 25,000 photographs in the Dole Archive, includes images relating to Bob Dole's childhood, youth, college experience, sports involvement, war-time service and recovery, early law career, Congressional, Senatorial and Presidential campaigns, family, staff and colleagues.

    250 images
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  • The Farber Gravestone Collection is an unusual resource documenting gravestone sculpture, mostly prior to 1800. The late Daniel Farber of Worcester, Massachusetts, and his wife, Jessie Lie Farber, were responsible for the largest portion of the collection. These early stones are both a significant form of artistic creation and precious records of biographical information, such as name, death date of the deceased, stone location, and information concerning the stone material, iconography, the inscription, and (when known) the carver.

    13,527 images
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  • Florence Nightingale letters held by the Clendening History of Medicine Library, University of Kansas Medical Center (a subset of the Art and Cultural Heritage Collection) .

    306 images
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  • From the Ground Up is an on-going collaboration between artists living in Lawrence, and scientists and teachers from the the University of Kansas and the Kansas Geological Survey. The project seeks to capture the imagination of students of all ages who are interested in the landscape around them and exploring the connections between human history, art, geography, biology, and other disciplines. The collection is organized by content modules, each containing an archive of artworks which serve as a basis for, or a response to, work in other disciplines.

    705 images
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  • Specifically developed in response to the teaching and research needs of the History of Art Department faculty, this collection is available to all members of the KU community who have a use for art, architecture, and cultural heritage images. It is a diverse collection of Western and Asian images from prehistoric to contemporary art.

    60,500 images
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  • Fossils from the collections of the University of Kansas Museum of Natural History and Biodiversity Research Center, Division of Invertebrate Paleontology. This is the beginning of what will become a much larger online collection. This collection is a subset of the larger Natural History collection.

    65 images
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  • The Japanese Historical Maps Collection of the East Asian Library contains early maps of Japan and the World. Represented in this online collection are a selection of maps and books from the collection. The maps were selected by Yuki Ishimatsu, Head of Japanese Collections at the East Asian Library at U.C. Berkeley, and scanned and put online by David Rumsey and Cartography Associates. Most noteworthy in the collection are a range of Japanese city maps dating back 300 years.

    1,293 images
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  • A database of graphic representations of the colonial Americas, from Hudson Bay to Tierra del Fuego, drawn entirely from primary sources printed or created between 1492 and ca. 1825.

    6,094 images
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  • This collection of the large-format bird books published by John Gould (1804-1881) also includes several thousand pieces of pre-publication artwork produced by Gould and his artists. It is part of the Ralph Nicholson Ellis, Jr. natural-history collection in Special Collections, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, University of Kansas. These manuscripts and prints exemplify the development of ornithological science, natural-history publishing, watercolor painting, and lithographic printing in 19th-century England.

    2781 images
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  • Aerial photographs of Kansas City and the surrounding area, taken in 2002 by Alex S. MacLean (a subset of the Art and Cultural Heritage Collection). The project was sponsored by the Kansas City Design Center. The Luna Insight images are hosted by the University of Kansas. The collection eventually will contain several thousand images. The photos in this collection also are included within the broader Art & Cultural Heritage Collection.

    300 images
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  • The University of Kansas Archaeological Research and Center curates approximately 2000 cubic feet of artifacts recovered from investigations of 23 Kansas City Hopewell Archaeological sites, which represents the largest holdings of materials from this culture in the United States. The Kansas City Hopewell represents the westernmost regional variant of the Hopewell archaeological complex that dates to the Middle Woodland or Early Ceramic (100 B.C. - 700 A.D.) period.

    1,736 images
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  • Historical photographs from the Kansas Collection, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, University of Kansas (a subset of the Art and Cultural Heritage Collection). The Kansas Collection is the regional history division of the University of Kansas Libraries. The Photo Collection consists of images documenting the history of Kansas, the region, and the people who have lived here. Currently, this online collection contains only a small sample from the Libraries' collection of over a million photographs, but will grow steadily as more photographs are digitized and cataloged.

    3,695 images
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  • The Kansas Collection, Kenneth Spencer Library, University of Kansas, houses and provides access to an extensive collection of Sanborn maps for 241 Kansas towns and cities covering a period from 1883 through the 1930s. With funding from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, the maps from 1883 - 1922 are now digitally available to researchers everywhere through this website.

    5,245 images
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  • The Kansas Biological Survey Kansas Wildflowers database includes images of common wildflowers of Kansas. Image descriptions include common and scientific names, as well as information one might expect to find in a field guide.

    196 images
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  • The images provide an "inside" view of African American life rarely seen by the general public. They show family gatherings celebrating marriages, birthdays and graduations and reveal a vibrant community life comprised of a wide array of churches, schools and organizations. Together, these photographs suggest how African Americans, for centuries, refused to allow the nation's color line deny them experiences of love, faith, dignity, and grace.

    1,059 images
    Open to all
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  • Maps from the University of Kansas Libraries Map Collection, primarily USGS topo maps of the central plains region.

    113 images
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  • Antiquarian maps of Africa from the collections of the late Dr. Oscar I. Norwich and the Stanford University Libraries, dating from the late 15th to early 20th century.

    578 images
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  • Taking Special Collections outside the Library by Digital Repackaging: Primary Sources from the Spencer Research Library for the Study of Mediterranean Cartography, Navigation, Travel and Trade 1300-1800.

    220 images
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  • Selected works from the permanent collections of eight California museums: Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive; Japanese American National Museum; Oakland Museum of California; Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley; Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley; Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts, University of California, Los Angeles; Fowler Museum of Cultural History, University of California, Los Angeles; California Museum of Photography, University of California, Riverside.

    77,117 images
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  • Curators of the National Palace Museum in Taipei selected several thousand objects from their permanent collection to be included in this outstanding new digitized collection. It spans seven millennia of Chinese history and includes rare books, ceramics, paintings, bronzes, jewelry, studio accessories, costumes and more.

    5,004 images
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  • The Pennell Collection consists of more than 30,000 glass plate negatives that represent the life work of Joseph J. Pennell, a successful commercial studio photographer who worked in Junction City, Kansas, from the early 1890s to the early 1920s. It provides a comprehensive view of life in a moderately-sized, Midwestern, army-post town on the Great Plains at the turn of the last century. The University of Kansas acquired the negatives, along with 10 ledgers of business records, in 1950.

    5,992 images
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  • The Cornell University Collection of Political Americana is comprised of Presidential promotional and commemorative items dating from 1789 to 1980. The collection contains political materials in a variety of formats, including cartoons, prints, and posters; lapel buttons, ribbons, textiles; hats, and other costume items; ballets, broadsides, leaflets, and other ephemera; pamphlets and other formal publications; sheet music and songbooks; and three-dimensional items. Elections from 1832 to 1960 are particularly well represented.

    2,278 images
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  • 32,111 digital images of architecture, paintings, and sculpture, licensed by KU from Saskia, Ltd., focusing on core images for the teaching of the history of art. Images from many important European and American collections and European and middle eastern archaeological sites are included.

    32,111 images
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  • This collection of images documents works of art in KU's Spencer Museum of Art (a subset of the Art and Cultural Heritage Collection). With a permanent collection of more than 25,000 objects spanning much of world art history, the Spencer Museum of Art is one of the finest university art museums in the nation. Strengths include medieval art; European and American paintings, sculpture, and prints; Japanese Edo-period painting; 20th-century Chinese painting; photography; regional art; and more than 150 quilts.

    17,700 images
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  • The University Archives is the repository for the records documenting the history of the University of Kansas. Included are the official papers of the chancellors, records of student and faculty activities, and selected publications and papers of alumni and faculty. This collection contains a selection from their photograph holdings.

    673 images
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