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Information Literacy

"Information literacy" is the ability to recognize when information is needed, and to effectively locate, evaluate, and use that information in an ethical and legal manner. Note that the ability to locate information is only one small part of this definition. Information Literacy extends well beyond teaching students how to locate a book in the library. It emphasizes a broader spectrum of skills and conceptual understandings that must be developed over time as students engage in the curriculum. The need for information literacy is not particular to any one course or discipline, but rather is an essential part of lifelong learning and informed citizenship.

More About "Information Literacy

In the 21st Century, information literacy is essential for academic, professional, and personal success. For more on definitions and models of information literacy, try the following links.

We Can Work With You

The most effective way to integrate information literacy goals into any course is to work closely with a library consultant while developing the syllabus and any course assignments. These collaborations can result in more effective assignments, less frustration for the students, and greater knowledge of appropriate information resources. Like any partnership, this can take many shapes and forms, such as:

  • Help determine the most appropriate type of library instruction: class session, part of a class session, Web page, handout, tutorial, etc.
  • Schedule library instruction to coincide with when students are working on research assignments and are most motivated to learn.
  • Help design an engaging research assignments and learning activities that introduces your students to research process and a variety of information sources.
  • Follow up with students and offer additional assistance through Blackboard, e-mail and individual consultations.

Get Started and Get More Information

Our program provides instruction in a variety of ways to meet the diverse needs and learning styles of those in the campus community.

For more information about the Information and Technology Literacy Instruction Program, contact

For undergraduate instruction:

John Stratton

For graduate instruction:

Scott McEathron

Effective library instruction takes time to prepare and is in great demand. To ensure that your students will get the instruction they need when they need it, please contact us as far in advance as possible.

Information Literacy Contacts

Undergraduate instruction:

John Stratton
Head, Center for Undergraduate Initiatives & Engagement

Graduate instruction:

Scott McEathron
Head, Center for Graduate Initiatives & Engagement

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