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New Books in the African Collection

Language and Literature

Abdinoor, Abdullahi. Af soomaali aan ku hadalno (hadallo). Madison, Wis.: NALRC Press, c2007.

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Dewoo, Moshumee Teena. The Sounds of Silence: Mauritian tales told after midnight. Mankon, Bamenda: Langaa RPCIG, 2013.

Dewoo, Nerisha Yanee. Amour Sucré. Mankon, Bamenda: Langaa RPCIG, 2014.

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Irranaa , Misgaanuu Gulummaa. Guuboo seenaa: gaaffii deebii dhabe!   Finfinnee, Oromiya: [publisher not identified], 2012

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Nixon, Debrah Anne. One Green Bottle: A novel. Athlone, South Africa: Modjaji Books, 2013.

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Snyckers, Fiona. Team Trinity. Athlone, South Africa: Modjaji Books, 2013.

Xaba, Makhosazana.  Running and Other Stories. Athlone, South Africa: Modjaji Books, 2013.


Culture and Fine Arts

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Economics and Development

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Global and International Studies

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History and Biography

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Politics, Government and Law

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Society – Education, Health & Medicine, Religious Studies, Urban Studies

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