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  • e-Korean studies includes 9 databases with an integrated search function. Databases included are: 1) KISS (Koreanstudies Information Service System): a fulltext database of approx. 6,000 Korean academic journals. It covers various subjects in languages, history, philosophy, literature, education, business, economics, law, science, mathematics, arts, music, etc.; 2) Kdatabase(한국학전자도서관): Fulltext resources on Korean modern and contemporary history; 3) KSI e-book: e-books published by Korean Studies Information; 4) Digital Culture Art Course(디지털문화예술강좌): e-lectures contains 70 courses, over 900 lectures in 8 subjects on art and culture for continuing education; 5) KoreaA2Z-Korean Studies DB Contents: fulltext reference, primary, and secondary sources; 6) Korean History & Culture Research Database(한국역사문6 868; 조사자료 데이터베이스): fulltext collection of excavation reports of 76 organizations of historical sites in Korea. It is operated by national and academic museums, private research institutions, societies and associations since 1910; 7) KPjournal(북한학술지 통합데이타베이스): articles of North Korean journals on science and technology; 8) Kdatabase(한국학전자도서관): An essential resource for history on modern and contemporary Korea. it has fulltext and image files; 9) LawnB Legal Information: The largest collection of Korean legal materials online. It is a portal service for all law information, index in 50 categories such as statues, precedents, commentaries, administrative documents and statistics, academic articles, law journals, and law related news.

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