Digitization of Resources

Forrest “Phog” Allen is nicknamed the “Father of Basketball Coaching” for his vital contributions to the University of Kansas and to basketball as a game. Your support will provide for the digitization of artifacts related to Phog Allen, ensuring these important documents, films and photos are made available for generations to come.

Cost—direct and indirect financial obligations—plays a central role in our digitization efforts. Our goal of $50,000 would raise the first half of the necessary funds to digitize over 66,000 artifacts, making these documents available for researchers, community members and basketball fans worldwide. This goal also funds outreach efforts, connecting Phog materials with alumni and friends of KU across the U.S. Make a gift today!

An Overview of Digitization

The Process

The digitization process involves more than simply scanning or photographing materials and putting them on a website. It includes retrieving documents and assessing the physical conservation needs of the materials, making any necessary repairs.  Additionally, metadata – or information about the materials – must be created and updated. Accurate and complete metadata is essential to enabling researchers and community members to find and use digital materials. It also helps ensure that KU Libraries are able act as stewards of the materials for years to come, preserving and continuing to make the digital materials available as technologies change over time.

Cost Breakdown

Industry research predicts that digitization of physical materials—the conversion from physical to digital—is 1/3 of all total costs.

An additional 1/3 is metadata creation -- the cataloging, indexing and describing of materials according to standards and best practices.

The last 1/3 of cost accounts for additional overhead fees, administrative assistance and quality control.

These components are all vital contributors to successful digitization. While much of this process may remain behind-the-scenes, KU Libraries looks forward to continuing to share the outcomes with KU alumni, friends and community members. Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Want more information? Check out this cost calculator that gives insight into the complicated, costly and necessary process of digitization. 

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