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KU Libraries Focus Map: 2017-2019


The following areas of focus will be used to prioritize ongoing and emering activities throughtout the libraries at the organizational, unit-specific, and individual levels, recognizing that important work will continue to ensure the smooth operations of libraries that falls outside of these areas. 

These priorities were developed through a strengths, problems, opportunities, and threats (SPOT) analysis and incorporate feedback and insight from libraries faculty and staff. The two-year time period is intended to position the libraries for a future strategic planning process which will align with the university’s strategic planning efforts.


Priority area 1:

 Strengthen the stability of the scholarly research record for the KU community and beyond by refining our practices around how content is produced, acquired, described, managed, and discovered. We will continue to align our scholarly communication and content priorities, and ensure that we have the right tools, skills, and data to make work efficiently and effectively influence informed decisions. 

 Priority area 2: 

Expand our capacity to support digital scholarship and enhance the research profile of KU faculty. Build our expertise for supporting scholars engaged in digitally-enabled research through targeted professional development and engagement with partners. 

Priority area 3: 

Enhance the utility of KU Libraries’ distinctive resources. By taking advantage of new technologies, employing collaborative workflows, and developing new skills, KU Libraries will improve the discoverability, use, and durability of our unique and distinctive resources.

Priority area 4: 

 Create diverse, strategic, and enduring experiences that support student success and retention efforts. The libraries will strengthen contributions to teaching and learning through sustainable, strategic partnerships, providing responsive and scalable resources that support campus-wide retention efforts, particularly for those focused on first-generation or underrepresented students, as well as students in need. 

Priority area 5: 

Continue to build and support a more diverse and engaged faculty and staff. The libraries will continue to build and support a faculty and staff that is deeply engaged in their work and committed to the libraries’ common mission. 


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