Vosper Members 2013

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Benefactors ($2,500+)

Dana K. Anderson and Sue Anderson
Gordon T. Beaham III
Tricia Brown Beaham
John C. English
Faultless Starch/Bon Ami Company
Sandra W. Gautt, PhD
Rebecca Hurst Pruett and James M. Pruett
William L. Roach and Mary K. Roach
Gladys N. Sanders and Robert B. Sanders, PhD
George S. Wilson and Beverley M. Wilson

Advocates ($1,000+)

Beverly Kennedy Bradshaw
Anna M. Cienciala, PhD
Fred P. Conboy
William J. Crowe
Nancy Kelly Day and Bruce Day
Marshall C. Eakin and Michelle Beatty-Eakin
Michael T. Fein
Margaret Wallett Frederick
Lorraine J. Haricombe and Horace Chapman
Clyde E. Holiwell and Janis C. Holiwell
Geoffrey W. Husic
Cecily A. Johns
Maurice Joy and Betsy Joy
Lesley T. Ketzel
Mark F. Lierz, MD and Susan M. Lierz
Gerald J. Lillian and Elizabeth Spellman Lillian
Craig MacKay and Kate MacKay
James R. Mechler and Julia E. Mechler
Kent E. Miller and Kathy A. Miller
Judith Gorton Parkinson
Carol M. Prentice and David E. Shulenburger
Lucy J. Price, PhD
Dennis A. Roach
Jill Roach
Robert M. Sheppard and Margaret Welch Sheppard
Gary M. Smith and Janet M. Cinelli
Dr. Marilyn Stokstad
Joe B. Stroup and Kala Mays Stroup, PhD
The Buddy Taub Foundation
Clyde E. Thompson and Nan Mosby Thompson
Eleanor A. Woodyard

Donors ($500+)

Barbara E. Allushuski and Gregory A. Allushuski
Marina Lamkey Bell and Matthew T. Bell
Audrey C. Bishop, JD
Kevin J. Boatright and Deborah S. Boatright
David Casey and Margaret Wilkinson-Casey
Scott T. R. Coons and Elizabeth Green Coons
Warren Corman and Mary Corman
Robert W. Coykendall
Clark A. Cropp and Linda Marsh Cropp
Lindy Eakin and Elizabeth B. A. Miller, PhD
James M. Eby and Jean T. Eby
Mary Ann Fuentes
Lee E. Greenstein and Lisa Greenstein
Jeanette Scheopner Hornung and Joel E. Hornung, MD
Jennifer S. Krizek and Curtis Krizek
KU Endowment
David S. Kyner, PhD and Carol J. Kyner
CAPT Christopher R. Lamkey
Robert J. Lamkey and Victoria M. Lamkey
Robert Levitus and Lisa Levitus
Stephen M. Ludwig and Deborah Sperry Ludwig
Anita Brack Lupton
Ronald D. Mann and Barbara Mann
Eugene Medlock and Armecia Medlock
John Nalbandian, PhD and Carol Nalbandian, PhD
James D. Neeley and Kathleen L. Neeley
Gayleanore Nelson
J. Edmund Ortega, Jr. and Sara E. Ortega
Claudia S. Orton and Joel F. Orton, AIA, CFM
The Hon. Timothy J. Pawlenty and Mary E. Pawlenty
Robert J. Perry, Esq. and Donna Kraus Perry
Ellen Reintjes
Bruce D. Ryder
James E. Sear, MD and Kathy L. Sear
Dale Seuferling and Marianne Seuferling
Dolph C. Simons, Jr. and Pamela C. Simons
Patrick M. Sirridge
Gayle Slagell and Curtis W. Slagell, PE
Rebecca A. Smith and Bryan D. Smith
Robert R. Sweatt III and Amy D. Sweatt
Don Tatzin
Clyde W. Toland and Nancy Hummel Toland
Kevan A. Vick and Gail Ellena Vick
David M. Whittaker and Beth M. Whittaker

Friends ($100+)

The Hon. Bryce A. Abbott and Jana Deines Abbott
Susan P. Ackerson and Randy Ackerson
Kathryn M. Adams and William K. Adams
Abe Adewale and Nichole Adewale
Lawrence A. Albani, MD and Linda N. Albani
Shari Feist Albrecht and Martin K. Albrecht
Toni L. Albright
John T. Alexander and Maria K. Alexander
Sebastian Alfie and Carmen E. Orth-Alfie
Mark J. Allen, MD and Louise Willing Allen
David A. Ambler and Mary Kate Ambler
Eric N. Anderson and Bonnie J. Anderson
Gary A. Anderson and Carlene T. Anderson
Joanne M. Anderson and Brent Anderson
Sarah D. Anderson
Jennifer L. Andrews
Marjorie Hayes Argersinger
Katie Hart Armitage and Kenneth B. Armitage
Donald Arnold and Andre'a L. Arnold
Jeffrey E. Ashner
Donald E. Atwill and Renee D. Atwill
Michael L. Aurbach
Jeffery L. Auten and Diane Auten
Denise L. Ayers and Maurice Ayers
Anne C. Baer
Lisa A. Bagshaw and Christopher A. Bagshaw
Anthony Baker and Beth A. Baker
Robert Baker and Linda S. Baker
Dan H. Ball and Barbara A. Ball
Scott A. Ball and Diane M. Ball
Jeffrey J. Bandle and Christina D. Bandle
Cindy Boerger Banks and Todd E. Banks
James F. Barnes
Stephanie Louk Barnow and Kent Barnow
Robert C. Bearse, PhD and Margaret M. Bearse
Joe Behrman and Sophia Behrman
Stuart R. Bell, PhD and Susan T. Bell
Marshall Bellovin and Ilene Bellovin
Stella A. Bentley
Marcilee Wilson Bierlein
Beverly A. Smith Billings
Ron Bingham and Carla L. Bingham
Kay P. Blinn and Robert O. Blinn
Bruce E. Bradley and Linda M. Bradley
Stephen R. Bradley and Brenda L. Bradley
Ruth Bradshaw
Mark D. Brady, MD and Jill Joann Brady
Sule Braimah, M.D. and Sharon Braimah
Sue Brandt
Kelly H. Brandyberry
Linda G. Bredeson
James Brisk and Marlene Brisk
Bernard J. Bristow and Linda Bristow
Robert Brogden and Kathryn Brogden
Larry M. Brow and Carla L. Tilghman
Virginia L. Brown, EdD
Ben Brunner and Jo Ann Brunner
Winifred L. Bryant and Michael L. Bryant
Denise M. Buening
Richard L. Bullock and Denise Bullock
Brian E. Bunkers and Kari Bunkers
Robert M. Bunten III
Melissa Montoya Burnam and Robert L. Burnam
Clay M. Burnett, MD and Angela Burnett, ANP-BC
Michaelyn K. Burnette and Terry Tierney
Adrienne C. Buss
George W. Byers
Stephen R. Call and Jennifer Call
Kim J. Canterbury
Gerald N. Capps Jr.
Thomas E. Carlson and Dr. Maria M. Carlson
Michael B. Caron and Anne M. Marvin, PhD
Robert V. Carrillo and Susan Carrillo
Richard S. Carroll and Kathy L. Carroll
Bruce A. Carter, EdD
Rosalea Postma Carttar and Peter K. Carttar
Robert C. Casad and Sarah M. Casad
Leonardo Castro
Susan Spencer Catt and William D. Catt
Deborah A. Chidsey and Brent H. Chidsey
Theodore L. Childers II and Sumie Y. Childers
Carolyn L. Chow
Cindy E. Christensen and Robert W. Christensen
Laura Barnes Christophel and Mark J. Christophel
Charles E. Clark, PhD and Dr. Theresa Kaminski
LaVerne Zaremba Coan and George T. Coan Jr.
Janice Rogers Cobb and Robert P. Cobb
Denise Cofas
David C. Cole and Jacqueline Cole
Michael K. Conlin and Cathy A. Conlin
Nancy J. Connolly
Kathryn Conrad
Don Cook
Janice E. Cook and Charles T. Cook
Dennis M. Cooley, MD and Ellen Cooley
Robert J. Coombs and Celia J. Coombs
Karol Ann Cornejo and Richard J. Cornejo
Cheryl A. Cosentino and James J. Cosentino
Thomas J. Coughlin
Jeffrey L. Cowger and Caroline Cowger
Glendon G. Cox, MD and Karen Templeton Cox
Mark A. Craig and Suzie L. Craig
Richard L. Crank
Michael A. Cristal and Susan M. Cristal
Janice L. Crouse
P. Karen Patterson Crump
Rick Cudney and Kandyce A. Cudney
John M. Curatola, PhD and Debra J. Curatola
Deborah L. Dandridge
William David and Hedy Haas-David
Charles I. Davis Jr., MD and Donna M. Davis, PhD
Katherine Davison and Glenn Davison
Carol Richards Deaver and Michael R. Deaver
Ann H. Degnan and William D. Degnan
Kay DeHart and Benjamin K. DeHart
Rose Mary DiMarco and Stephen DiMarco
Kaleen E. Dolan
John Dougherty and Donna O. Dougherty
James M. Downard, MD and Kim Casper Downard
Kevin Downey and Tara Downey
Concha J. Duarte
Barbara Martin Duke
Richard Duncan and Robin Duncan
James M. Dunker
Ryan S. Edwards and Tai Edwards, PhD
Jane Eldredge and Charlie Eldredge
Judith Zotika Emde and Ken Emde
Alan Ensminger and Lori A. Ensminger
Richard D. Failla and Georgia Failla
Allan Farovitch and Roberta Steiner
Lori A. Farrell
Vicki A. Farris
Stephen B. Fawcett, PhD and Kathleen McCluskey-Fawcett, PhD
Steven A. Fehr and Cynthia Wendt
Joel J. Feigenbaum and Pamela Kelly-Feigenbaum
William C. Feliciano
Abigail Martin Fields and Philip J. Fields
Raul E. Filardi Jr.
Valerie Finberg
Stephen D. Fisher and Abigail S. Fisher
Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
Gregory N. Flax and Lisa A. Flax
Amy N. Flowers
Chris Foster
Rita Foster and Clark Foster
Deborah S. Francisco and Ronald A. Francisco
Mark Frankel and Karen Frankel
Rich Frankenfield and Sue M. Frey
Mary Franz
Cindy A. Freeman and Alan L. Freeman
Jeffrey D. Freeman and Sabrina P. Freeman
Anne M. Freund
COL Donald R. Frew and Melissa Schneider Frew
Timothy L. Frey
Peter Friedenfeld
W. Claiborne Gallagher and Cynthia B. Gallagher
Sarah Riddell Geiger and Anthony D. Geiger
Robert J. Germinder Jr. and Teresa J. Germinder
Amy S. Gibbens and Robert D. Gibbens
Ronald S. Gieseke and Jeanne I. Gieseke
John H. Gilbert, MD and Ines Ascolese Gilbert
Douglas L. Glasscock and Rita A. Glasscock
Michael R. Glidewell and Christine Glidewell
Webster L. Golden and Joan Gilpin Golden
Narasimha R. Gondi and Geetha Gondi
Jade Gough
Cherish A. Grabau
Larry Gress and Michele Gress
Dr. Roy E. Gridley and Marilyn Leidig Gridley, PhD
Scott W. Grieve and Joan M. Grieve
Jana L. Griggs
Michael M. Gutesha and Carol A. Gutesha
Larry L. Haas
Brian Haase
Phillip F. Hagan, MD and Margaret Kennedy Hagan, MD
Douglas W. Hagen, MD
Patrick Hagin and Nancy Hagin
James M. Hagood and Sheila Hagood
David E. Hall and Laura H. Hall
Scott Glenn Halsey
Lynnette R. Hamel and James L. Hamel
Kim M. Hanna and Eric W. Hanna
Melissa K. Hardesty and Jason M. Hardesty
Richard F. Hardin
Bruce Harding and Cheryl Harding
Gary D. Hardwick and Amanda L. Hardwick
Gina Harris
Bayliss Harsh
Tahira Hassan and Rizwan U. Hassan, MD
Karen S. Hawes
Katy A. Hayden and Bob D. Tricks
Elspeth Healey
Kelly S. Heaps
Randy K. Heavener and Lori Heavener
Debra G. Hemmerling and Brian J. Hemmerling
Mark Henderson and Colleen S. Henderson
Stanley C. Hernly and Joni Renee Hernly
Anita Herzfeld, PhD
Richard H. Himes, PhD and Susan V. Himes
Marry J. Hine
Dorothy A. Hirsch
Robert Hitz and Melinda Hitz
John P. Hoban and Leylani E. Hoban
Adele Hodgdon and Chris Hodgdon
Elizabeth M. Hodyl
Michael J. Hoffmann and Kathleen Hoffmann
William Holt
Stephen C. Hoops, PhD and Shirley Neuhaus Hoops
Michael J. Horigan and Daphne Horigan
Gerald Horn and Laura Horn
Heidi H. Hornaday and David T. Hornaday
Janet Gorman Hoven and Donald R. Hoven Jr.
James B. Hoy, PhD and Marjorie Wolf Hoy, PhD
Todd Hoyer and Amy Hoyer
Rongqing Hui
Robert Hull and Cynthia Hull
Dennis D. Hupe and Elizabeth Hupe
Kathy A. Huslig
Mary F. Hylton and Phillip D. Hylton, MD
Frances Ingemann, PhD
Melissa Jackson
Marion Foster Jacques
David F. Jamis and Lisa Jamis
David T. Janke and Betsy Janke
Ronald Jefferis
Ashley M. Jeffries and Herbert L. Benton
Carolyn Jeter
Karen I. Johnson
Wes Johnson and Dianne Johnson
Carol Jonak
Mary Alice Jones and Bryce Jones
Nancy Jorn and Stuart A. Beals
Steven L. Kane and Amber S. Kane
Earl Kaufman and Linda Kaufman
Peggy S. Kaufman and Michael B. Kaufman
Billy Kearney and Denise Kearney
Patricia Collinson Kelly
Gerald F. Kenning, MD and Margaret M. Kenning
Leonal W. Kilgore and Joanna L. Kilgore
Andre Kim
Brian C. Kindred, MD and Meya Zagar Kindred, MD
Melinda S. Kite and James Kite
Ted E. Knopp and Nancy A. Knopp
Jeffrey B. Knox, MD and Paula S. Knox
James P. Koerber and Mary Koerber
Janet Koester
James Kogl and Vicki L. Kogl
Steven K. Koonin and Eydie R. Koonin
Judith Johnson Kozak
Charles E. Kramer and Britt C. Kramer
Robert D. Kroeker and Barbara Hills Kroeker
Bradley J. Kuhlmann and Christine A. Kuhlmann
Bruce E. Kusmin and Carolyn M. Kusmin
Roy A. Lafferty and Kathy A. Lafferty
Patricia Lair and Randall L. Lair
Vicki J. Laird and William C. Laird
Rodney O. Landrum and Karen R. Landrum
Theodore Larsen and Penalton Larsen
Kenneth E. Larson
Daric G. Laughlin and Karen Rossiter Laughlin
Gary R. Leaf and Anne G. Leaf
Thomas Lebel and Karen M. Lebel
Todd A. Leinenbach and Christine L. Leinenbach
Donald Lemire and Troie Lemire
Rebecca A. Leslie and James Leslie
Susan F. Levine, PhD and Stuart G. Levine, PhD
Janey L. Levy, PhD
Marc A. Levy and Joan R. Levy
Mark R. Lewandowski and Julie A. Lewandowski
Roy D. Libel, MD and Terri Topping Libel
G. Michael Lillig and Deborah S. Lillig
Mark L. Litzler and Barbara G. Head
Roberta Lynn Loeffler and James T. Fey
Michael B. Loggan, MD and Luanne Loggan
David Lohmann and Lorna Lohmann
Marguerite H. Lohrenz
Pamela J. Long
George A. Lottes and Kari K. Lottes
Robert Ludington and Jennifer S. Ludington
Tina Lykouretzos
Richard I. MacArthur, MD and Barbara Gill MacArthur, RN, MN, FAAN
Scott D. Mains
Ashok K. Malhotra
Gregory S. Malter
Thomas P. Markey
Dan Martin and Michelle D. Martin
Michael J. Martin
Earl L. Massel and Malou Massel
Derrick R. Mathern
Thomas M. Mayfield and Julie Lindsey Mayfield
Mary K. McCarthy
Sean G. McCloskey
Kirk McClure, PhD and Jeannie Seacrest McClure
Barbara Backus McCorkle
Bradly McGlachlin and Janine B. McGlachlin
Michael G. McGuinness and Gina McGuinness
Nancy J. McKenzie and Jay McKenzie
Cole C. McNary and Christine S. McNary
Charles Medenciy and Carol S. Medenciy
Richard Meidinger, MD and Barbara Bowman Meidinger
Lisa A. Meitzner and Alex R. Meitzner
Jose O. Melendez
Bruce D. Melin, M.D. and Christine R. Melin
Robert W. Melton and Victor T. Cardell
Jorge Mendoza and Susan Marcus-Mendoza
Heather Hodges Metcalfe
James A. Meyer and Kathryn Meyer
Harry Meyers and Ruth Meyers
Constance C. Mikelait and Robert C. Mikelait
Daniel L. Mildfelt and Lisa Mildfelt
Mark W. Millar and Misha D. Millar
John S. Miller and Rachel Buckwalter Miller
Marvin E. Miller
Mary P. Miller and Charles L. Stansifer, PhD
Rodney B. Miller and Elaine S. Miller
Todd Miller and Cindy Miller
Kathleen P. Mirsch
William L. Mitchell and Virginia Jean Mitchell
James J. Modzelewski
David A. Montgomery and Susan Montgomery
Holly J. Moore and Roger Moore
Lanora Bishop Moore
Mindy Moore
Howard R. Morgan
Edward J. Moyer and Janet L. Moyer
Steven W. Moyer
John R. Mullett and Anitra S. Mullett
Joseph E. Mumford and Suzanne M. Mumford
Cheryl Wink Murray and Richard D. Murray
Lynne E. Murrow
William D. Myers and Dana D. Myers
Scott D. Naig and Dana Quick-Naig
Bette W. Nelson
Richard E. Nelson III
Gregory R. Ness
Patti A. Neumann and John H. Neumann
Susan Nevin
Xich Nguyen
Chris Nichols, MD and Barbara E. Nichols
Carol M. Nick and Greg Nick
Michael Nixon and Laura K. Nixon
Peter Noone and Catharine A. Noone
Mary Yowell North
John L. Nuss and Susan L. Nuss
Rhonda O'Dell
Richard G. O'Neill and Dee O'Neill
Jane M. Ogren and Andrew R. Ogren
Midori Oka and Bruce H. MacLaren
Felix Okah, MD and Abiye Y. Okah
Michael S. Olson and Dawn R. Olson
James B. Orner and Judith A. Orner
Michael Otterstein and Susan M. Otterstein
Roberta Wilson Page and Rod Page
Karen E. Pahls and Curtis Alan Pahls
Robert J. Pahls and Janet L. Pahls
Danny Palo
Allan H. Pasco and Dallas C. Pasco
Darrell G. Patterson and Loretta G. Patterson
Todd A. Patterson and Jozette J. Patterson
Glenn E. Patton Jr.
Thomas A. Paulson and Sue Paulson
Subtaveesuk Pechin and Jeannie Pechin
Margi Hall Pence and W. Keith Pence
Maveline Pengelley
Vinny A. Perinchery and Frincy Perinchery
Amy A. Persechini
Timothy P. Peters
Robert E. Pettit and Susan G. Pettit
Darol J. Phillips and Deborah G. Phillips
Marie Hipp Plante
Tracy Pollina
Aswathi Pradeep
Sridevi Pradeep and Pradeep Muthalpuredathe
Wayne V. Prather
Leslie Granger Prentice and James L. Prentice
Janet Villamaria Prestoy
Timothy F. Prohaska and Eileen Detmer Prohaska
Hilda Puebla
David J. Pynn
Lisa R. Quevedo
Marjorie C. Rallins
Gurpreet Randhawa and Jeiven Randhawa
Karen R. Rattenborg and Gregory Rattenborg
Paul D. Raymond, PhD
Brian W. Razak and Sarah A. Razak
Troy A. Reazin and Nancy Y. Reazin
Scott E. Reddig
Beena M. Reddy, MD and Achutha N. Reddy, MD
Shelly L. Resnick and Rob Resnick
Paul Rhines and Michele Rhines
Roger Ricke and Alice Ricke
Lori Riedel and Darran D. Riedel
Robert A. Rifkin and Debbie Rifkin
Ruth A. Riley
Sharon M. Riley
Joan M. Riscoe and Joe Riscoe
Harlanne Herdman Roberts and James B. Roberts
Mindy Y. Roehll
Dan Rohde and Annette S. Rohde
Neal G. Rolfes and Susan E. Rolfes
Ashley N. Roper
Debra A. Roper and Mitchell R. Roper
Ann Rose
Bradley Rosenberger and Kristin Huerter Rosenberger
Christopher Rowe and Mary Ann Rowe
Shannon Royer, CPA and William J. McTaggart
Sara H. Rubida
Jeffrey D. Rudolph and Kathi Rudolph
Andrew A. Rupp and Kathleen B. Rupp
Cynthia L. Sabatini and Michael W. Sabatini
Martin R. Salzman
Hillel Samisch
John S. Savage Jr. and Patricia A. Savage
Dennis R. Schapker and Merrill A. Schapker
Kenneth Schmidt and Rhonda Schmidt
Lynne M. Schopper, DDS and Frank C. Theisen, MD
Thomas J. Schwaller and Marikay Schwaller
Cynthia A. Schwalm and Wayne Schwalm
Dr. William O. Scott
James Seeds and Christine A. Seeds
Bill E. Self Jr. and Cindy L. Self
Elizabeth Thomas Shafer and A. William Shafer, MD
Carol J. Shankel and Delbert M. Shankel, PhD
Charles Sheets and Dianna K. Sheets
Anita L. Shockey
Elliott Shore
Ana Silva
Arden B. Silverman and Debbie Silverman
Randal N. Simons and Jill Schiesl Simons
The Hon. Fred N. Six and Lilian O. Six
Joe Skerbetz and Marisol Skerbetz
Michael G. Skoch, MD and Virginia D. Skoch
Helen F. Smalley
Boyd E. Smith, MD and Heather M. Smith
Catherine Beaham Smith
Glee S. Smith Jr. and Geraldine B. Smith
Michelle L. Smith
Robert R. Smith
M. Patricia Kennedy Solbach, PhD and John M. Solbach III
John M. Sommerville and Kathleen A. Sommerville
Henry D. Spingola Jr. and Alice L. Spingola
Linda Stangland and Gary Stangland
Katherine E. Stannard
Terri L. Stapleton
Lisa A. Stehno-Bittel, PhD and Douglas C. Bittel
David F. Steinhoff and Mary S. Steinhoff
JoAnn Stoskopf and Brit Douglas Stoskopf
Jocky L. Stratton and Donna E. Stratton
Mark D. Strobel and Susan Strobel
Jeffry L. Strohmyer and Lisa Strohmyer
Merrit A. Strunk and Kathrin Strunk
Stephen T. Stubblefield and Tina M. Stubblefield
Colleen Ann Stubbs
Mark Sullivan and Barbara Sullivan
Pamela A. Swedlund
Douglas Swenson and Laura M. Swenson
Lyle Swingler and Karen Swingler
Steven N. Tanner and Lelia A. Tanner
Alison Adams Tappan and Gray Tappan
Karl J. Taylor and Peggy Taylor
Thomas W. Taylor and Tammy Taylor
Rowley R. Tedlock and Cindy Tedlock
Daniel C. Thoenen and Beverly Thoenen
Daryl W. Thompson
Michael J. Tierney and Kristen Gable Tierney
Richard Treinen and Angela Treinen
Peter A. Trump and Maria Gabriel Trump
Nancy Tyner and David Tyner
James K. Utt
Mary J. Vanlandingham and Roger Vanlandingham
Patrick G. Vipond and Janelle A. Vipond
Karen M. Virgillito
Edward Viselman and Suzanne Viselman
Adrian L. Voran
Leilani L. Wagner and Michael S. Wagner
Douglass W. Wallace
Candice Burton Walsh and Richard T. Walsh
Thomas S. Ward and Debbie B. Ward
Kelly Wargo
Ramona C. Warren, MD
Anthony J. Wasinger and Martha E. Wasinger
Nina Watson
Susan Ginter Watson
James D. Waugh and Sharon K. Waugh
Bill Weaver and Julie Weaver
Robert Glenn Webb
Eric D. Weber and Dana Whitledge
Blaine Weeks and Merry Kay Weeks
Jeffery B. Weinberg and Mary Haynes Weinberg
Lily S. Weinshilboum and Richard M. Weinshilboum, MD
Christina A. Weis and Ronald R. Weis
Jeffrey R. Wesche and Anita Johnson Wesche
Scott A. Wetschensky and Sallie Blankenship Wetschensky
Charles R. Whitfill and Kindra Whitfill
Jane Mollett Whitlow and William R. Whitlow, DDS
Glenna F. Wilber
Bryan E. Wilkins and Rochelle F. Wilkins
Wade L. Williams, MD and Jennifer Balzer Williams
Amy M. Wilson and Mark H. Wilson
Chase C. Wilson
Eric R. Witmer and Susan D. Witmer
Daniel R. Witthaus and D. Lynn Witthaus
Michael F. Wolf
Robert Wolfrum and Marica L. Koenig
Judith M. Wolters
Cheuk H. Wong and Lily H. Wong
William S. Wooden and Michelle Wooden
Roberta G. Woodrick and Julie Woodrick
Debra Woods
Jo Letta Larson Woolwine and Thomas C. Woolwine
Dana G. Wreath and JoAnn Erickson Wreath
Amy L. Wren
Jinming Xiao
Clark B. Young
Jeffrey J. Young and Angela Young

University Community (current & retired staff and students at any level)

Mary Ann I. Baker
Nathan R. Baker
Leslie Bennett and Joshua L. Rosenbloom, PhD
Mary Dresser Burchill and Dr. Brower R. Burchill
James J. Butler Jr. and Yun Xiong Butler, PhD
Pei-Ru Chiang
Russell E. Clark
John A. Davies and Tama McCarthy Davies
COL G. Michael Denning, USMC and Karen Abram Denning
Melissa Golubski
Robin J. Kempf and Peter D. Haxton
Robert H. Marvin and Patricia A. Marvin
Ariel D. Mull
Virginia A. Nichols
Aaron Nienke
Chaz B. Schneider
M. Luke Schuler and Teresa Koeneke Schuler
Jan Bowen Sheldon, PhD and James A. Sherman
Linda Samson Talleur
Orley R. Taylor, PhD and Toni L. Taylor
Michael J. Thurman
Barbara A. Woodruff and Roderick D. Harper

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