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In most cases, lists are open exclusively to Kansas Federal Depository Libraries for two weeks from the original date of posting.  After that, lists are available to all other eligible institutions during the last four weeks.


Questions about Kansas Exchange List administration can be addressed to ksfdlp@ku.edu.  However, if you are interested in acquiring items from one of the posted lists, please contact the offering library.  Contact information is available in the Contact Directory (pdf).

*Note: Requesting libraries from outside of Kansas will need to pay postage.

Deadline List Offering Library SuDoc Range Date Range Entries
30-July-2018 FHSU 18-05-24B Fort Hays State University LC1.12/2: - LC33.9: 1965 - 1998 58
30-July-2018 FHSU 18-05-24C Fort Hays State University NF3.12: - NF4.11: 1983 - 2004 5
30-July-2018 FHSU 18-05-24D Fort Hays State University NS1.13:AB – NS1.13:T 1957 - 1998 17
30-July-2018 FHSU 18-05-24E Fort Hays State University PM1.22:M31 – PM1.27:P96 1979 - 1980 2
30-July-2018 FHSU 18-06-06A Fort Hays State University Prex2.6/2:C82 – St2: 1967 - 1995 10
17-Aug-2018 FHSU 18-06-06B Fort Hays State University SBA1.3: - SBA1.18/2:6 1959 - 1984 96
17-Aug-2018 FHSU 18-06-06C Fort Hays State University St 8: - VA1.20/2: Au2 1965 -1992 24
17-Aug-2018 FHSU 18-06-06D Fort Hays State University C63.10: - D10108/2: 1958 - 2005 76
17-Aug-2018 FHSU 18-06-06E Fort Hays State University T22.35/5-2: - T22.35/7: 1985 - 2014 26
17-Aug-2018 FHSU 18-06-06F Fort Hays State University SSA1.10: - SSA1.24/4: 1998 - 2007 6
17-Aug-2018 FHSU 18-06-06G Fort Hays State University S1.41: Un 33/2 - W27: 1945 - 1990 6
17-Aug-2018 FHSU 18-05-15A Fort Hays State University GP3.17/6: - GP3.36: 1984 - 2002 49

Last updated July 20, 2018

KU "known" NEEDS

These lists represent items known to not be in the KU FDLP holdings. This is not a complete list since there are other missing items that have not been identified. Some items have been provided, therefore please inquire about current status.

Questions about University of Kansas NEEDS list can be addressed to ksfdlp@ku.edu

List Posted SuDoc Range Date Range Notes
KU_Needs_L1-L22 (pdf) 2012/03/08 L 1- L 22. 1911-1981 List includes only numbered Serials and Serials
KU_Needs_L23-L38 (pdf) 2012/03/08 L 23. - L 38. 1941-1983 List includes only numbered Serials and Serials
Request Printed Report 2012/03/19 Y 4. Pre-1971 List include items known to be missing.
Request Printed Reports 2012/03/19 Y 4. 1971-2011 List includes items identified as missing during an inventory completed in 2011

Kansas FDLP Administrative Documents

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