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KULSS Membership



All Support Staff employees are members of KULSS. As stated in Addendum III of the Code, the membership is grouped as follows:

Group 1

Julie Woodrick
Group 2

Laura Skarka
Group 3

Leah Nelson
Administrative Services
Kim Anderson
Bruce Coburn
Doug Hatton
Jo Nell Proctor
Jim Richey
Terri Thornton
Kristin Vickers
Lois Bauer
Jessica Bergin
Joel Cooper
Verna Froese
Bob Marvin
Debbra Peres
Sarah Richardson
Kelly Sudbeck
JoAnna Traxler
Kristin Zachrel
Cataloging, Archival Processing, & Digitization
Mary Ann Baker
Jeffery Dutton
Wanda Dyer
Nancy Hollingsworth
Sonja Holmgren
Ed Irvine
Paul Kelley
Nancy Larsen
Al Mauler
Leah Nelson
Beth Nettels
Brenda Owens
Erin Pfannenstiel
Cynthia Rivera
Daniel Sauerwein
Geri Slater
Daniel Sodders
Joy Sodders
Rani Subramanian
Haley Trezise


Communications, Advancement, & Administration
Sean Barker
User Services
Channette Alexander
Andi Back
Ela Choromanska
Michelle Curtright
Jane Hoyt
Mark Lasnier
Joe Orosco
Gary Samuelson
Alex Slater
Jim Smith
Ann Snow
Ryan Swartz
Shawn Wade
Victoria Williams
Julie Woodrick
Distinctive Collections
Toni Bressler
Terri Gottstein
Meredith Huff
Kyle Sederstrom
Resource Sharing
Pamela Bonham
Carmen Campaneris
Billie Conway
Eleanora Drury
Nishon Hawkins
Sheila Orth
Brett Rurode
Laura Skarka
Tina Spray

KU Library Support Staff Executive Board

The KU Library Support Staff Executive Board is comprised of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Representatives from the three KULSS groups. The officers and representatives are elected in the spring during the general election and serve for one (1) year.

The Executive Board currently meets twice a month. The officers set the agenda ahead of time, and all Support Staff members are welcome to attend the Executive Board meetings or notify their representatives of issues they would like to see the Executive Board discuss.

Below are links to the duties of the board members as well as links to see who the current board members are and who the past members were:



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