KULSS Duties of Officers & Representatives

Duties of Chairperson

  1. Acts as official representative of KULSS.
  2. Presides at KULSS Exec and KULSS general meetings.
  3. Reviews reports and minutes to assure that concerns continue to be addressed until resolved.
  4. Meets with the Dean of Libraries and Asst. to the Dean for Personnel (or their designates) once a month or as needed.
  5. Schedules the Dean to meet with KULSS Exec as needed.
  6. Attends library management meetings.
  7. With the Vice-Chairperson and Secretary sets the agenda for KULSS Exec meetings.
  8. Delegates tasks as necessary.

Duties of Vice-Chairperson

  1. Assumes the duties of the Chairperson in the latter's absence.
  2. Serves as liaison with KULSS and other governance bodies:
    1. Keeps KULSS Exec informed either by giving a report of a committee's activities or by having a member of that committee attend a KULSS Exec meeting.
    2. Informs committees, etc., of KULSS charges & concerns.
    3. Reminds committees that reports or minutes are due.
    4. Collects committee reports or minutes in a timely manner and provides copies at the KULSS Exec meetings.
  3. With the Chairperson and Secretary sets the agenda for KULSS Exec meetings.
  4. With the Chairperson, may attend meetings with the Dean of Libraries and Asst. to the Dean for Personnel (or their designates).

Duties of Secretary

  1. Arranges KULSS meetings (both KULSS Exec and general meetings): time and place; publicizes this information to KULSS members in a timely manner.
  2. Reviews reports and minutes to assure that concerns continue to be addressed until resolved.
  3. Keeps informed on distribution of Support Staff employees throughout the library system to assure adequate number of representatives for each group.
  4. Keeps current on the number of members of the KULSS and the KULSS Exec for quorum counts.
  5. With the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson sets the agenda for KULSS Exec meetings.
  6. Prepares minutes, agenda and additional handouts for all KULSS Exec and KULSS general meetings.
  7. Takes minutes during KULSS Exec and general KULSS meetings.
  8. Provides minutes of all KULSS Exec and KULSS general meetings on e-mail within two weeks of a meeting and in FYI as soon as possible.
  9. Prepares and tallies ballots for elections.
  10. Shortly after elections, prepares a list of recently-elected officers, group representatives and committee members for publication on the KULSS Website and KULSS listserv and in FYI.
  11. Arranges to keep the electronic mail lists for Support Staff and KULSS Exec current.
  12. Deposits KULSS minutes and other records with University Archives.

Duties of Group Representatives

  1. Regularly attend all Executive Board (KULSS Exec) and general KULSS meetings.
    1. If a representative is unable to attend a meeting, s/he should ask another individual from that group to attend.
    2. Provide a brief oral report regarding activities within constituent department(s).
  2. Know who their constituents are and where they work. Provide new Support Staff employees with information about the KULSS, including a bookmark with the KULSS website address.
  3. Communicate with and inform their constituents of KULSS activities and concerns and solicit input.
    1. Report, either orally or in written form, to constituents after each Executive Board and general KULSS meeting.
    2. Informally poll constituents on issues.
  4. Encourage constituent participation in library governance.
    1. Attendance at general KULSS meetings and KULSS Exec meetings.
    2. Volunteering to run for office and elective committee positions.
    3. Volunteering to be considered for appointive committee positions.

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