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Featuring original art by:

Christina Fountain | kinderdijk
Megan Snelten | Birden
Judith Arnold | Grief I
Judith Arnold | Grief II
Emily Harr | Hunter
Liz Adcock | Color Run
Carla Tilghman | Feline Concerto
Elizabeth Sims | Untitled
Marcy Dolezal | Pendant 1
Juan You | The Arch
Jessica van Loben Sels | Beyond
Jennifer Perrin | Alien Concept
Erin Dvorak | After Pieter Claesz
Kristen Ramsdale | Still life (everything fades)
Dan Parente | Atom of Authority
Hang Le | Floating Market
Bethany Hughes | Untitled
Jugal Patel | Now You Rise
Christina Fountain | A Coiled Peace
Kyle Shirk | Ring
Taylor Moody | In Space
Raechel Cook | Expanse of a Moment
Rachel Forrest | Untitled
Denise DiPiazzo | Tree Portals: Looking Out, Looking in
William A. (Sam) Smith | The New Normal - 2012
Yvonne Saenz | Dylan
Hang Le | Passion
Carla Tilghman | Dancing Cells 1
Jessica van Loben Sels | Inner Equilibrium
Kristen Ramsdale | Untitled (still life)
Christina Fountain | Murano
Dan Parente | Holographic Victory
Bethany Hughes | Untitled
Emily Harr | Forrest
Patrick Blanchard | Starry Night
Megan Snelten | Flows Within
Jessica Matheis | Untitled
Kyle Shirk | Oculus Brooch
Liz Adcock | Digital Natives
Juan You | Cracking
Seth Lewin | Transformation
Jessica van Loben Sels | Self Portrait
Elizabeth Sims | Untitled
Max Mikulecky | Craigslist Missed Connection, Clarette Club
Carla Tilghman | Dancing Cells 2
Raechel Cook | A Necessary Vulnerability (arteriacus)
Der Lee | Flight of A Thousand Butterflies
Jugal Patel | Trying Lights Crying
Taylor Moody | In Bloom
Kasey Stertz | Gravity Pause
Hang Le | Pearls
Jennifer Perrin | Untitled
Marcy Dolezal | Pendant 2
Kelly Latham | Pink Autumn Day
Erin Dvorak | North Pole
Der Lee | The Shifting Frame
Christina Fountain | venezia biennale
Daniel Val | Asian Cat Man
Dan Parente | Light of the Seraphim
Jessica van Loben Sels | Still Life
Kristen Ramsdale | Transcendence
Emily Harr | Defaced #2
Kyle Shirk | Oak I
Hang Le | Sunset 2
Megan Snelten | Lockdown
Raechel Cook | Respiro
Juan You | Seen
Max Mikulecky | Laundry Land
Dan Parente | The Eye
Kasey Stertz | Digital Reconstruction
Bethany Hughes | Untitled
Jugal Patel | Rozy's Snow
Seth Lewin | Portland
Carla Tilghman | Dancing Cells 3
Liz Adcock | Facial Reconstruction
Shelby Keierleber | Tents
Marcy Dolezal | Wearable
Elizabeth Sims | Untitled
Bethany Hughes | Untitled (video: 1:41)
Paige Girard | Daryl
Morgan D. Hutcherson | Owl and Hawk Argue
Seth Lewin | Bekko
Yvonne Saenz | Andrew
Emily Harr | Dancer #1
Rachel Forrest | Untitled
Megan Snelten | Lost My Mind
Jessica Matheis | Untitled
Dan Parente | The Phage
Max Mikulecky | Escape Hatch, Missile Base No. 4
Jugal Patel | Human Corruption
Juan You | Phototropism
Kasey Stertz | Artificial Reconstruction
Erin Dvorak | Brie and Katie


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