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BREPOLiS - EndNote Export Instructions

Exporting to EndNote from BREPOLiS or the International Medieval Bibliography

The first time you use BREPOLiS, you will probably need to install a special filter before you can export citations to EndNote. Instructions follow below in two stages, first for getting and installing the filter, and second for exporting citations.

Depending on the number of citations you intend to export, it may be more expedient to use Google Scholar instead. Here you can type specific article titles and download citations one-at-a-time. Be sure to use Google Scholar while logged into the KU library for wider access. Step-by-step instructions for exporting citations from Google Scholar to EndNote are available here.

Instructions for Installing the Filter

1. Before you begin, it will be useful to download and install the BREPOLiS filter, if you haven't already. (You can come back to this step later though, if you prefer.) Get the filter here.

2. In the pop-up Opening BREPOLiS.enf box, make sure the Open with box is set to EndNote then click OK. The BREPOLiS filter will work for International Medieval Bibliography too.

Screenshot of Step 2

3. The BREPOLiS filter will open in EndNote. From the main EndNote menu, click File then Save as.

Screenshot of Step 3

4. In the Save as box, remove the word Copy, then click Save.

Screenshot of Step 4

Instructions for Exporting Citations

1. Choose by checking the boxes for which you plan to export citations then click Export from the menu above.

Screenshot of Step 1 (Exporting)

2. In the Export menu, choose .txt - Endnote then click Export.

Screenshot of Step 2

3. When you click the Export button, a box will pop up suggesting that the file will be opened with a text reader such as Notepad. Click the drop-down arrow here and select Other, then locate and select your EndNote program and click OK.

4. Click OK again in the Opening.... box.

3. Next up is the Choose an Import Filter pop-up box. Select BREPOLiS from the list then click Choose. The export should complete automatically from this point.

Screenshot of Step 3


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