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Acquisitions & Resource Sharing

Name Title Email Phone
Lois Bauer Accountant 785-864-8885
Xiufen Bi East Asian Language Specialist, Program Assistant 785-864-8973
Carmen Campaneris Library Assistant 785-864-8891
Billie Conway Library Assistant 785-864-8894
Joel Cooper Library Assistant 785-864-8837
Eleonora Drury Library Manager 785-864-3535
Verna Froese Library Assistant 785-864-8835
Sunita Gandhi E-Resources Service Specialist, Library Associate 785-864-8897
Nishon Hawkins Library Manager 785-864-8895
Lars Leon Librarian, Resource Sharing Librarian, Head of Organizational Development 785-864-3073
Heather Mac Bean Licensing and Rights Management Specialist 785-864-3078
Sheila Orth Library Associate 785-864-5533
Debbra Peres Library Associate 785-864-6241
Angie Rathmel Associate Librarian, Head of Acquisitions & Resource Sharing 785-864-8834
Sarah Richardson Administrative Associate Sr. 785-864-8887
Kristin Sederstrom Acquisitions & Resource Sharing Library Manager 785-864-4084
Laura Skarka Library Assistant 785-864-8893
Tina Spray Library Assistant 785-864-8886
JoAnna Traxler Accountant 785-864-8884

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