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Cataloging, Archival Processing & Digitization Services

Roger Anderson Sound Archives Librarian randerson@ku.edu 785-864-4526
Mary Ann Baker Library Associate mbaker@ku.edu 785-864-2035
Larry Brow Program Assistant blackmug@ku.edu 785-864-6272
Henry Chapman Library Assistant h092c641@ku.edu 785-864-3044
Erika Dickey Head of Inventory Records Managment eriklou@ku.edu 785-864-8942
Wanda Dyer Library Associate wdyer@ku.edu 785-864-8892
Brad Engelbert Head, Complex Cataloging Unit abbierx@ku.edu 785-864-8914
Sally Haines Special Collections Librarian shaines@ku.edu 785-864-2036
Nancy Hollingsworth Library Associate nhollingsworth@ku.edu 785-864-2032
Sonja Holmgren Library Assistant skh19@ku.edu 785-864-3036
Ed Irvine Library Assistant eirvine@ku.edu 785-864-8897
Jennifer Johnson Head of Spencer Processing Non-Manuscripts and Inventory jtornado@ku.edu 785-864-8977
Miloche Kottman Head of Cataloging, Archival Processing & Digitization mkottman@ku.edu 785-864-3916
Nancy Larsen Library Associate nllarsen@ku.edu 785-864-8940
Al Mauler Library Associate amauler@ku.edu 785-864-8933
Meghan Misenhelter Library Assistant meghanm@ku.edu 785-864-3099
Tahirih Mullen Head of Database Quality Unit mullent@ku.edu 785-864-8978
Brenda Owens Library Assistant bowens@ku.edu 785-864-8988
Erin Pfannenstiel Library Associate ekidwell@ku.edu 785-864-3045
Michael Readinger Coordinator, SRL Manuscripts Processing mreading@ku.edu 785-864-2029
John Richardson Associate Librarian jrichardson@ku.edu 785) 864-8936
Cynthia Rivera Library Assistant crivera@ku.edu 785-864-8928
Adrienne Sanders Spanish and Portuguese Cataloger sandersa@ku.edu 785-864-8882
Daniel Sauerwein Library Assistant schnapps@ku.edu 785-864-8915
Geri Slater Library Associate gslater@ku.edu 785-864-8930
Daniel Sodders Library Associate dsodders@ku.edu 785-864-8977
Joy Sodders Library Associate jsodders@ku.edu
Rani Subramanian Library Assistant rsubra@ku.edu 785-864-3099
Jocelyn Wehr Digitization Services Coordinator jocelyn@ku.edu 785-864-8067

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—American Library Association
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