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Interlibrary Loan Borrowing Policies

Using Interlibrary Loan Borrowing

Interlibrary Loan Borrowing is a free service to facilitate access to library material not owned by The University of Kansas Libraries provided to patrons associated with the University of Kansas, including:

  • Currently enrolled students
  • KU faculty, staff, and authorized affiliates
  • Proxies for qualified patrons

Requesting Loans

Patrons may request loans through WebRetrieve of any library item not owned by The University of Kansas Libraries or any KU library item checked out on most available formats, such as:

  • Books, Magazines and Newspapers
  • Manuscripts and Photographs
  • Compact Discs and Tapes
  • Digital Video Discs and Video Tapes
  • Microfiches and Microfilm
  • Theses, Reports and Dissertations

Items that cannot be borrowed since the KU Libraries do not lend to other libraries include:

  • LPs
  • Maps before 1946



Requested items are picked up from any of the KU Libraries Service Desk locations or delivered by TripSaver (for eligible faculty and staff) depending on which option you chose as a pick up location. All requested items need to be returned to any of the KU Libraries Service Desks or Bookdrops.

Due Dates and charges resulting from damaged, or lost items are set by the lending institutions. Patrons are responsible for any such charges.

Requesting Articles

Patrons may request articles not owned by The University of Kansas Libraries. All article requests will be delivered electronically to WebRetrieve for you to download. Common article requests include:

  • Chapters of Books
  • Chapters of Manuscripts
  • Journal, Magazine or Newspaper Articles
  • Presentations in Annual Conference publications

The policies for what material can be sent depends on Copyright Law and on the specific regulations set by the lending institutions.

Proxy Card Users

Proxy card users may pick up items requested by faculty members, but they also need to provide their KUID card too. Regardless of who picks up the materials, the faculty who the proxy card is for is responsible for all fines incurred.

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