Facilitating Participation in the Faculty's Open Access Policy

The KU Faculty Open Access Policy (revised and passed the faculty senate on February 11, 2010) is a mechanism that asserts the rights of KU faculty to provide broad, free access to their journal publications to colleagues around the world. This level of access and visibility will offer considerable improvement in the accessibility and citation of KU's published scholarship. Download statistics allow authors to see the regions of the world where downloads of his or her paper is happening.

Under the policy, KU faculty can exercise these rights by retaining enough copyrights and once rights are retained provide KU with the necessary bibliographic information and a copy of the publication. KU then provides efficient and effective access to these publications by means of KU ScholarWorks.

The Office of Scholarly Communication & Copyright (OSC&C) staff offer full-service deposit of your work in KU ScholarWorks. First you need to secure rights to share your work and simply email us the paper. Basic steps are listed below and will be of immediate assistance for those wishing to meet the conditions of the faculty Open Access Policy. Help is as close as an email to kuscholarworks@ku.edu.

The Simplest Way Forward

Send us a copy of each of your final accepted manuscripts of papers about to be published. Email Ada Emmett at aemmett@ku.edu or Marianne Reed at mreed@ku.edu and we will determine whether the publisher allows the papers to be shared in KU ScholarWorks, and we will deposit them if they can.

"Self-Service" (with some help from us)

Step 1

Once a paper is accepted for publication, attempt to retain enough copyrights to share openly a copy of the article. This can be done a couple of ways:

  • By reading the publication agreement determine whether the publisher allows a version of your paper to be shared. We can help you interpret this if needed.
  • If the publisher doesn't allow sharing you MAY opt to add a brief statement (pdf) to the publication agreement securing additional rights to share or add an addendum to the publication agreement. Two possible versions are available on the Resources page of KU's Open Access website. Brief instructions (pdf) for addendum use are available. You can also use the Sherpa/RoMEO site to understand what publishers' general policies are.

Step 2

If you retain copyrights or are granted them, send Ada Emmett at aemmett or Marianne Reed at mreed@ku.edu in the OSC&C a copy of your paper and citation-via email and any special conditions surrounding it.

Step 3

If you cannot secure the copyrights (either you are too busy to try, or the publisher says no) you can still send Ada or Marianne the citation and abstract of the paper and that information can be added to KU ScholarWorks. A link to the publisher version can be provided. This can still provide another mechanism for faculty papers to be found and referenced-if they prefer.

Authors are certainly free to contact their publishers and ask (after the fact, or prior to publishing) for permission to use their work in a variety of ways. We offer text you can adapt to use when you contact your publisher for permission. See the "request permission to share" links on the Resources page of the Open Access website.


For a more detailed description of step-by-step process to retain rights and submit papers to KU for inclusion see the "Getting Started" page.


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