K-12 Outreach

South Junior High School Workshops in Geography

2014: Conflict between Russia and Ukraine (Lecture & Discussion)

2012: Overview of KU Libraries & Culture and Cuisine of REEECA

2011: Россия - Russia: A Taste of Culture

2010: Central & East European Folklore & Traditions: Highlights of KU Libraries’ Collections

2009: Russia, Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia

Languages of Russia, Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia

1.Listen to stories in Slavic languages

Winnie the Pooh

Alice in Wonderland

2. View a slideshow containing images of books (ppsx) in KU Libraries written in many different languages and scripts

Ukrainian Eastera Eggs (Pysanky)

  1. How to make Ukrainian Easter eggs (mojo.com)
  2. Symbolism of Ukrainian Easter eggs (mojo.com)

Music and Dance from Russia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Central Asia

  1. Russia
  2. Bulgaria
  3. Caucasus (Georgia)
  4. Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uyghur People from East Turkistan)

2008: Russian Life Today: Russian Schools, Music, and Politics

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