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Snyder Contest past winners

2016 winners

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View displays and photos from the 2016 Snyder contest.

2015 winners

In the undergraduate division, Alyssa Denneler of Lawrence won first place for her collection “Plotting my Archaeological Trajectory: A Journey Marked by Literary Exploration.” Daniel O’Keefe of Dubuque, Iowa took second place with “Star Wars’ Expanded Universe: From a 121 Minute Movie to 154 Books,” and Aubrie Schartz of Abilene, Kansas won honorable mention for her collection “Pressed Between Pages: The Therapy of Returning to the Past.”

In the graduate division, Clarissa Nemeth of Gatlinburg, Tennessee won first place with her collection “Southern Appalachia: Historic and Imagined.”

View displays and photos from the 2015 Snyder contest.

2014 winners

In the undergraduate division, Emma Fahrlander from Overland Park won first place for her collection “A Decade of Yarncraft.” Nicole Evans from Gardner took second place with “There and Back Again: Transforming a Polite Interest into an Intense Obsession”, and Lacey Daniels from Pittsburg won Honorable Mention for “The John Lange Collection.”

In the graduate division, Katya Soll from St. Louis, Missouri won first place with her collection “Dictatorship, Recovery, and Innovation: Contemporary Theatre of the Southern Cone.” Melinda Landeck from Littleton, Colorado received second place for “Tea Time: Textual Explorations of Chanoyu, the Japanese Tea Ceremony.” Honorable mention in the graduate division went to Crystal A. Maier from Woodbridge, New Jersey for her collection “A Blossoming at the Intersection of Art and Science: Technique and Tradition in Botanical Illustration.”

View displays and photos from the 2014 Snyder contest.

2013 winners

In the undergraduate division, Meagan Kane, an English major from Overland Park, won first place with her collection, “Who is Tiptree, What is She?: An Examination of a SF Legend.” Jennifer Salva, a journalism and media studies major from Sugar Creek, Missouri, took second place with “Czech & Slovak Tradition: Return to my Roots.”

In the graduate division, Baiba Sedriks, a Lawrence native and graduate student in English education, took first place with “Discovering Hollywood's Mysteries: Juvenile Literature from Cinema's Golden Age.” Chris Robinson, an American studies graduate student from Hayden, Idaho, received second place for “Feather's Nest: A Collection Exemplifying the Diverse and Prolific Career of Jazz Authority Leonard Feather.” An honorable mention was given to Liam Oliver Lair, a doctoral student in women, gender and sexuality studies from Chicago, for his collection "Trans* Life, 1901-2013: Celebrating over 100 years of Trans* People and Communities."

View displays and photos from the 2013 Snyder contest.

2012 winners

In the undergraduate division, Allie Alvis, a junior from Wichita, won first place with her collection, “Language and Linguistics: How Words Changed My Life.” Trent Boultinghouse, a senior from Girard, Kan., took second place with “Accessible Radicalism: The Subversive Printing Tradition of Girard, Kansas,” and David Reiersgord, a senior from Edina, Minn. earned an honorable mention for “Ubuntu: Unity, and Diversity in South African Letters.”

In the graduate division, Laci Gerhart of Hutchinson took first place with “The Evolution of Scientific Knowledge: Vintage and Antique Textbooks of the Natural and Physical Sciences.” Peter A. Williams of Lawrence received second place for “Beauty is a Rare Thing: A Collection of Works by, about, and Inspired by Ornette Coleman,” and Jeffrey Bergfalk of Kansas City earned an honorable mention for his collection, “By Brakhage.”

2011 winners

In the undergraduate division, Meagan Kane of Overland Park placed first with her collection, “A Genre of One’s Own: Constructing Science Fiction as a Space for Feminist Discourse.” Nathan Cadman of Wichita took second place with “Acting Editions and Contemporary Theater,” and Collin Baffa of Olathe earned an honorable mention for “A Wealth of Wisdom: Collecting the Classics on a College Budget.”

In the graduate division, Francis Park of Short Pump, Va., took first place with “Neither Strategy nor Tactics: American and Soviet Operational Art.” Second place went to Jean Marie Trujillo of Lawrence for “Visual Representations of the Andean World,” and John Biersack of Oconomowoc, Wis., earned an honorable mention for “Toward a Comprehension of Gilles Deleuze.”

2010 winners

In the undergraduate division, Rachel Best won first place for her collection, "Chinese Language and Culture," and Samuel Atherton won second place for "The Atherton Collection of Historical Works."

In the graduate division, Ryan Ellett won first place with his collection, "Return With Us Now: The Rise of the Old Time Radio Hobby," and Susan Thomas won second place with her collection, "From Student to Collector: My Journey with Willa Cather." Tiffany Huggard-Lee received an honorable mention for her collection, "From Demons to Diseases."

2009 winners

In the undergraduate division, Thayer Bray won first place for his collection, "High and Low: Commix, Art and Their Influence," and Jacquelyn Bowin won second place for her "Costuming & Sewing Collection."

In the graduate division, Ailecia Ruscin won first place with her "Gender, Class & Sexuality in Turn-of-the-Century Political and Punk Zines" collection, and Michael Gomez won second place with "It Begins in Wonder: Weird Fiction Past and Present."

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