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Mission, Vision & Values

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KU Libraries will be a strategic institutional asset that develops and delivers new methods of creating and supporting knowledge resources. We will enrich teaching and learning and fuel research at KU and worldwide.


KU Libraries advance discovery, innovation and learning for KU, for the state of Kansas and for a rapidly expanding community of world scholars. We equip our students for a knowledge-driven, global society, and we support research and scholarly communication through collaborative opportunities at KU and beyond.


  • Leadership: We bring a unique perspective and vision from the heart of the scholarly enterprise as expert partners and as scholars in librarianship.
  • Accountability: We create measurable positive outcomes for our stakeholders.
  • Communication: We foster transparent dialogue in our organization and among our partners and those we serve.
  • Agility: We anticipate and respond to user needs.
  • Collaboration: We respect the knowledge and skills of others as we bring together the best minds to pursue creative endeavors.
  • Service: We strive to provide the very best ideas, people, facilities and technologies.
  • Innovation: We employ creative solutions to address our users' needs.
  • Diversity: We seek a diverse workforce and encourage all ideas and perspectives.

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