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Updates: 2012 4th quarter

(October 1-December 31)


Integrate information literacy, research skills and information resources into the curriculum to enhance critical thinking, academic success and lifelong learning.

Strategies and Action Updates

STRATEGY 1.A. Cultivate educational outreach opportunities and learning initiatives to better prepare and support incoming and returning students.

Action 1.A.2: Create a program of curricular consultation and outreach to high school teachers and school librarians at KU's top feeder schools.

  • Reviewed literature on outreach to high schools/students transitioning from high school to university/academic library involvement
  • Reviewed models of academic library involvement in 12-13 transitioning online (libguides/websites)
  • Discussed way to work efficiently and effectively with high school faculty on information literacy skills and research assignment design
  • Began outlining ways to implement ways to connect with high school faculty over the next year.

STRATEGY 1.B. Design and implement programming in support of campus-level, first-year experience efforts and other retention and persistence activities.

Action 1.B.1: Create programming and curricular support to integrate library resources and information literacy concepts into the Common Book program.

  • Completed a review of how libraries are involved with Common Book programs at other institutions
  • Wrote and approved a Statement of Work for the project team, working through the Action Plan Documentation document
  • Defined both the desired future state and the present state, as well as identified the gaps/barriers/obstacles between the present and desired future state

Action 1.B.2: Develop a coordinated information literacy and research skills program for first-year seminar courses.

  • Met with library faculty and staff who provided instruction for First Year Seminars in fall 2012, where we collected information on the nature of collaboration with FYS faculty, what was taught in the instruction sessions, and how they interacted with FYS students
  • Began drafting questions for a survey to give to FYS faculty, which will solicit feedback on collaboration with librarians and library staff on assignments, as well as perceptions of their students’ research skills

Action 1.B.3: Collaborate with the Learning Community program to develop and support information literacy in the curriculum.

  • Reviewing literature related to libraries' involvement in and participation with Learning Communities at other institutions
  • Contacted individuals on campus who worked with Learning Communities at KU in the past to collect information on the former program

STRATEGY 1.C. Develop and implement a collaborative and programmatic approach to outreach and research education for graduate students.

Action 1.C.1: Develop and expand outreach, instruction and consulting services designed to enhance graduate students’ ability to discover, access, and analyze needed scholarly resources.

  • Literature review completed
  • Met with Humanities and SciTech subject councils
  • Developed and administered internal survey (within library) to gather information on KU Libraries’ faculty and staff outreach, instruction, consulting and any other services that enhance graduate students’ ability to discover, access and analyze scholarly resources to support their research. (35 respondents)

STRATEGY 1.D. Design and construct instructional modules and resources for use with in-person, hybrid, online and distance learning environments.

Action 1.D.2: Partner with the Center for Online and Distance Learning and collaborate with individual department/schools to embed the Libraries in online and distance learning activities.

  • Reviewed LibGuides for Distance Learning
  • Explored ways subject librarians can support distance education and how we can support subject librarians

Action 1.D.4: Integrate digital learning objects strategically into KU courses.

  • Identified the need for video tutorials and contacted the relevant SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) for these areas to request scripts
  • Identified good topics for LibGuides: Research Assignment Design; Citation Guides; and Copyright (now published)

STRATEGY 1.E. Cultivate and promote collaboration with teaching faculty, department administration and other campus partners to integrate information literacy concepts at the campus, degree and course levels.

Action 1.E.1: Develop an instruction and outreach plan for integration of information literacy and critical thinking skills into the undergraduate curriculum, at all levels and potential entry points.

  • Developed a Statement of Work that outlines objectives, goals, context, deliverables and scope
  • Established member roles, responsibilities and ground rules
  • Selected a chair (Carmen Orth-Alfie)
  • Determined that, in order to complete work, information from the other Goal 1 strategy teams is required


Advance scholarship through proactive engagement in research and scholarly communication.

Strategies and Action Updates


Strengthen KU Libraries' position as an agile, responsive organization capable of continual improvement and change.

Strategies and Action Updates

STRATEGY 3.B. Strengthen and support librarians and staff in their roles as leaders in technology and scholarly communication as well as partners in research and instructional activities.

Action 3.B.1: Develop and deliver learning opportunities to foster knowledge of current trends in research and scholarly communications.

  • No updates to report this period.

Action 3B.3: Develop a comprehensive professional development and continuing education program related to pedagogy/learning theories and integrating information resources and research skills into the curriculum.

  • No updates to report this period.

STRATEGY 3.C. Increase knowledge of colleagues' skills, strengths and expertise to facilitate innovative workflow solutions, while fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.

Action 3.C.3: Create informal and formal venues for library faculty and staff to share their research and expertise with colleagues.

  • No updates to report this period.


Stabilize and grow existing funding sources, secure new funding opportunities and enhance public accountability.

Strategies and Action Updates

STRATEGY 4.C. Increase Donor Support.

Action 4.C.1: Revise our donor communications strategy and tactics to align with Far Above, the university’s comprehensive campaign.

  • Currently reviewing/redefining stakeholders included in the donor communications strategic plan
  • Seeking guidance on plan framework from KU Public Affairs
  • Preparing to present preliminary draft communications plan for input and vetting to the KU Libraries Board of Advocates in February

Action 4.C.2: Create and grow partnerships to expand our potential donor base.

  • Hired, trained and deployed an events coordinator
  • Engaging in conversations with KUAA to expand engagement opportunities in Kansas and beyond
  • Gathering donor data and discussing potential engagement plans for alumni and donors in Salina, Topeka, Wichita and Kansas City
  • Gathering donor data and discussing potential engagement plans for alumni and donors in Denver, Dallas, Houston and Chicago

Action 4.C.3: Prioritize and expand fundraising goals to support the Libraries’ strategic priorities.

  • No updates to report this period.

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