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Updates: 2013 1st quarter

(January 1-April 30)


Integrate information literacy, research skills and information resources into the curriculum to enhance critical thinking, academic success and lifelong learning.

Strategies and Action Updates

STRATEGY 1.A. Cultivate educational outreach opportunities and learning initiatives to better prepare and support incoming and returning students.

Action 1.A.2: Create a program of curricular consultation and outreach to high school teachers and school librarians at KU's top feeder schools.

  • Narrowed focus to two projects: library guide and Transition to University Symposium
  • Wrote and revised a draft letter to be sent out to school district superintendents and/or principals for the top 10 feeder schools to KU and select secondary schools in the area
  • Created a tentative list of survey questions to send to teachers and librarians about potential workshop topics, dates and times for the Transition to University Symposium
  • Prepared a presentation for the 3rd Annual College Readiness Dialogue on implementing collaborative ideas, which also will serve to ask questions regarding what skills high school teachers and librarians believe high school students are lacking as they enter post-secondary education and what types of workshops would be of value to high school teachers and librarians; some ideas may be used for the Transition to University Symposium at KU, and all information gathered at the College Readiness Dialogue will be shared with attendees

STRATEGY 1.B. Design and implement programming in support of campus-level, first-year experience efforts and other retention and persistence activities.

Action 1.B.1: Create programming and curricular support to integrate library resources and information literacy concepts into the Common Book program.

  • Team members completed the 2013 KU Common Book selection, "The Worst Hard Time," by Timothy Egan, and identified topics and themes from the book on which library programming could be developed
  • Started initial planning for an exhibit and faculty presentation(s) for fall 2013
  • Shared work with staff in the Office of First-Year Experience and secured a standing member from KU Libraries on the KU Common Book Committee
  • Completed action plan document, specifically identifying steps toward obstacle resolution, and began drafting charges and tasks for a KU Libraries Common Book Committee

Action 1.B.2: Develop a coordinated information literacy and research skills program for first-year seminar courses.

  • Distributed a survey to faculty requesting feedback on their collaboration with librarians and library staff on assignments as well as their perceptions of their students’ research skills
  • Completed action plan document and began drafting Learning Objectives and Learning Outcomes for the Libraries' collaborations with the First-Year Experience (FYE) program to ensure consistency between the two entities, which is essential for effective assessment

Action 1.B.3: Collaborate with the Learning Community program to develop and support information literacy in the curriculum.

  • Obtained information about the five Learning Communities that will be offered during the fall 2013 semester
  • Met with Sarah Crawford-Parker, Assistant Vice Provost in the Office of First-Year Experience, to discuss the Learning Communities initiative at KU

STRATEGY 1.C. Develop and implement a collaborative and programmatic approach to outreach and research education for graduate students.

Action 1.C.1: Develop and expand outreach, instruction and consulting services designed to enhance graduate students’ ability to discover, access, and analyze needed scholarly resources.

  • Reviewed results of internal survey, identifying services already offered by Libraries faculty and staff to graduate students
  • Met with Amalia Monroe-Gulick (2.B.1. strategy owner) to learn about the focus of the strategy’s efforts; reviewed a draft of the 2.B.1. survey to faculty/graduate students and offered feedback
  • Began developing survey and focus group questions for graduate students, focusing on library services; identified methodologies for the focus groups
  • Met with Roberta Pokphanh from the Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS) and secured their assistance in implementing the graduate student survey/focus groups by providing updated lists of the heads of graduate student organizations on campus, providing the names of staff in every graduate office, and hosting information about the survey/focus groups on the ORGS Facebook page

STRATEGY 1.D. Design and construct instructional modules and resources for use with in-person, hybrid, online and distance learning environments.

Action 1.D.2: Partner with the Center for Online and Distance Learning and collaborate with individual department/schools to embed the Libraries in online and distance learning activities.

  • Met with the director of the CODL on several occasions to discuss strategies for getting the KU Libraries more involved in online courses; recent work resulted in Fran Devlin, Lars Leon and Kim Glover delivering a brown bag presentation entitled "Research resources for the online course" for CODL and faculty May 2
  • Developed two proposals for future collaboration with the CODL and for Libraries' internal staff in regard to supporting online learning

Action 1.D.4: Integrate digital learning objects strategically into KU courses.

  • Completed the first phase of action item; committee members have turned in their scripts for tutorials and LibGuides and have made their edits; next phase begins in May with a new group of library faculty to determine how to integrate the completed digital learning objects into the online curriculum for the fall 2013 semester

STRATEGY 1.E. Cultivate and promote collaboration with teaching faculty, department administration and other campus partners to integrate information literacy concepts at the campus, degree and course levels.

Action 1.E.1: Develop an instruction and outreach plan for integration of information literacy and critical thinking skills into the undergraduate curriculum, at all levels and potential entry points.

  • Developed a Statement of Work that outlines objectives, goals, context, deliverables and scope
  • Established member roles, responsibilities and ground rules
  • Selected a chair (Carmen Orth-Alfie)
  • Determined that, in order to complete work, information from the other Goal 1 strategy teams is required


Advance scholarship through proactive engagement in research and scholarly communication.

Strategies and Action Updates


Strengthen KU Libraries' position as an agile, responsive organization capable of continual improvement and change.

Strategies and Action Updates

STRATEGY 3.B. Strengthen and support librarians and staff in their roles as leaders in technology and scholarly communication as well as partners in research and instructional activities.

Action 3.B.1: Develop and deliver learning opportunities to foster knowledge of current trends in research and scholarly communications.

  • Developed and vetted a responsibility statement regarding research and scholarly communication for inclusion in each librarian’s position description

Action 3B.3: Develop a comprehensive professional development and continuing education program related to pedagogy/learning theories and integrating information resources and research skills into the curriculum.

  • Developed and vetted a responsibility statement regarding the educational role of the Libraries for inclusion in each librarian’s position description

STRATEGY 3.C. Increase knowledge of colleagues' skills, strengths and expertise to facilitate innovative workflow solutions, while fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.

Action 3.C.3: Create informal and formal venues for library faculty and staff to share their research and expertise with colleagues.

  • Three Libraries faculty members presented about their experiences in embedded librarianship during the April 24 Strategic Sharing Forum held in Watson Library
  • Discussed formal and informal future venues for Strategic Sharing Forum; some of the suggested formats for formal presentations include: Pecha Kucha and Ignite talks; informal venue possibilities include a newsletter and/or video on the Libraries staff intranet; focus is currently on faculty research presentation, but will also include USS/UPS sharing
  • Created a database of research topics on which faculty have presented in the past
  • Started a process by which checking travel requests keeps team apprised of faculty currently presenting at various conferences


Stabilize and grow existing funding sources, secure new funding opportunities and enhance public accountability.

Strategies and Action Updates

STRATEGY 4.C. Increase Donor Support.

Action 4.C.1: Revise our donor communications strategy and tactics to align with Far Above, the university’s comprehensive campaign.

  • Revised and redefined stakeholders, communications goals and key messages included in the donor communications strategic plan
  • Vetted preliminary draft communications plan with the KU Libraries Board of Advocates in February
  • Finalized the plan based on stakeholder feedback in March

Action 4.C.2: Create and grow partnerships to expand our potential donor base.

  • Secured opportunities with the KU Alumni Association (KUAA) to expand engagement opportunities via alumni events in four regional cities: Kansas (Salina, Topeka, Wichita and Kansas City) in 2013
  • Secured opportunities with KUAA to expand engagement opportunities via alumni events across six cities the the Midwest (Denver, Dallas, Houston, Omaha, St. Louis and Chicago)
  • Secured partnership with Lawrence Public Library on Read Across Lawrence in 2013 and 2014
  • Began conversations with current or new partners, including KU Women in Philanthropy, KU Women’s Hall of Fame, KU School of Journalism and KU Department of English, among others
  • Began discussions to set advancement goals for regional and national donor bases

Action 4.C.3: Prioritize and expand fundraising goals to support the Libraries’ strategic priorities.

  • Revised naming opportunities within Anschutz, Watson, Music & Dance, Art & Architecture and Spencer Research Library

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