Submitting On-Site Course Reserves

The University of Kansas Libraries offer on-site course reserve services for the teaching faculty, instructors, and graduate teaching assistants of the University. Placing items on reserve removes them from the general circulating collection and assigns shortened loan periods to ensure availability to all borrowers. Instructors are encouraged to place any required readings on reserve in order to facilitate student access and may designate the library desk where items are placed and how long they may be checked out. Course reserve lists display in the Quick Search Course Reserves tab and are searchable by instructor, department, course, and item title and other details.

Complete the online Reserve Request Form and save the document. Print a copy and bring with you to your preferred library, or email a copy to the appropriate reserve desk. Paper copies of the form are also available at all reserve desk locations.

Provide the following information on the Reserve Request Form:

  • Reserve desk location
  • Instructor's first and last name
  • Instructor's email address
  • Course department and number
  • Course name
  • List all items to be placed on reserve including library items and personal copies (author, title, and call number for each book; title and call number for each DVD or video; etc.)
  • Loan period for each item to be placed on reserve
  • Are all of the items being delivered?
  • Are there items for library staff to locate?
  • Are there items listed that the library does not appear to own?

Deliver on-site course reserve lists and any items to the reserve desk where the items are to be placed on reserve.

The following loan periods are available for reserve items:

  • two-hour with overnight checkout
  • two-hour without overnight checkout
  • four-hour with overnight checkout
  • four-hour without overnight checkout
  • one day
  • three days
  • one week
  • two weeks

For reserve items to be ready for circulation by the first day of classes, completed reserve request forms and any personal copies must be received by the following dates:

  • fall semester - August 1st
  • spring semester - January 2nd
  • summer semester - May 15th

Please note:

  • Reserve requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Requests received by the deadline will receive prompt processing and be ready for checkout by the first day of classes
  • Requests received after the deadline will be processed as quickly as possible, but availability by the first day of classes cannot be guaranteed
  • Items that are not currently owned by the libraries may take between two and four months to be ordered and processed

Please notify the appropriate reserve desk when items can be removed from reserve lists or when entire reserve lists may be eliminated. Doing so allows us to return library materials to the general circulating collection and to make space available for new reserve items. Consult the Quick Search Course Reserves tab to review your course reserve lists. Materials may only remain on reserve for classes taught during the current semester.

Materials owned by the libraries (books, journals, DVDs, etc.), or personal copies of original materials may be placed on reserve. Materials may only remain on reserve for classes taught during the current semester. Due to space considerations, some locations may set limits on the number of items which can be placed on reserve at one time.

Any item which requires copyright compliance cannot be placed in on-site course reserve. This means copies of articles, chapters, or other course readings will not be accepted. Many of these items are available through the libraries' articles and databases. Please consider electronic reserves for providing course readings.

To locate course reserves, search in Quick Search (you can also select the Course Reserves tab).

  • Note of the call number and the Reserve Desk location
  • Take this information with you to the designated reserve desk

Before sending students to the library to use reserve items, please be certain the items have been processed and are ready for checkout. The best way to determine that materials are ready for use as reserve items is to consult your reserve list(s) via the online catalog.

The reserve service liaisons are available to assist you with the course reserve process and policies.

Students may ask for assistance at the reserve desk where the items have been placed on reserve.