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BiblioBios: Creativity, nurturing spirit guide new Watson operations manager

Jack Hawthorn loves Gothic-inspired books featuring fascinating buildings, so what better place to work than a Gothic-inspired building full of fascinating books?

Pop-up book donation enhances collection and invites curiosity

Ann Snow opens a book and forest animals spin and play, valves and veins of the human heart unfurl, and the arches and domes of the Taj Mahal rise and construct themselves from the page.

Collaborative transcription event celebrates Douglass Day, makes historical record more accessible

No birthday celebration is complete without a cake, and there was cake to be had in Watson Library’s Clark Instructional Center, but a collective of KU students, faculty and staff were more focused on the work at hand – transcribing the personal correspondence of Frederick Douglass for the Librar

KU Libraries host journals in open access space, making scholarship available worldwide

The world of academic journal publishing can be tenuous. Anything from an editor’s untimely death to a loss of funding to a professional society’s changing priorities can terminate even highly respected journals.


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