Course Reserves

Course Reserves for the Spring 2021 Semester

Because all library materials must be quarantined for 96 hours after each borrower’s return, processing delays would significantly limit or prohibit reserve items being accessed by a large number of students. In addition, students who are engaged in online courses may be unable to travel to campus to access materials. In light of these considerations, KU Libraries will not offer physical item course reserves during the spring 2021 semester.

KU Libraries are eager to partner with instructors to ensure that students can attain access to the library resources they need. We recommend the following alternatives to traditional physical course reserves:

  1. Provide your students with links to journal articles, e-journals and e-books
  2. Consider the use of other resources within your course
  3. Request e-books for your course
    You may submit a request to purchase e-books for your course reserve needs. Library staff will work with you to identify alternate resources if an e-book is not a viable option.
  4. Submit a scan request
    Although KU Libraries are unable to provide physical material course reserves this fall, our staff and faculty librarians will help facilitate digital access to library print resources.
    • Place items on reserve by sending a completed reserve request form to your Reserve Liaison, who will retrieve the items and hold them in the library where they will be available for us to fulfill scanning requests from you and your students during the semester.
    • Students will be able to search for the items in Course Reserves as usual by going to the Library Catalog and clicking the Course Reserves tab. See Document Delivery for information about requests.
    • While copyright restrictions prohibit the libraries from scanning an entire book, each student and instructor may request Document Delivery from a KU-owned book. In the Notes field of the document delivery request form, record “course reserve request” and the course number.
  5. Recall items
    Students and instructors will be unable to recall checked-out KU items at this time. Contact your Reserve Liaison who is authorized to place recalls on your behalf. You will be notified once the item is returned, and alternatives will be offered for use and/or scanning of content.
  6. Provide and retrieve personal copies
    • Contact your Reserve Liaison if you wish to provide a personal copy to the library so that requests can be submitted through Document Delivery. When submitting a Document Delivery request, please enter “Personal Copy: [Instructor’s Name]” in the Call Number field (e.g., Personal Copy: Smith) and then choose the library location from the dropdown list where the book is on reserve.
    • Additionally, you can contact your Reserve Liaison if you want to retrieve previously provided personal copies from the library.

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