Research Sprints

Research Sprints: One Week, One Project in the Open

Research Sprints offers all faculty and unclassified staff the chance to work intensively with a team of librarians for one week on a research or instruction project. 

In the spirit of advancing greater access to research and education, the 2019 Sprints will focus on Open Access and will award a $1,000 stipend to recipients. 

KU Libraries is committed to open education, open research, and equitable access to information. By incorporating open pedagogy into courses and making research more freely available, Research Sprint recipients will contribute to the growing Open Access community and its commitment to social justice initiatives.  


2019 Research Sprinters

KU Libraries is honored to announce Dr. Sara Gregg and Dr. Melissa Peterson as the 2019 Research Sprinters. 

Dr. Gregg is an associate professor of History and Environmental Studies. Her project is entitled Kansas Homesteading: It’s More Interesting and Complicated Than You Would Expect... She aims to create and use an interactive story map to bring her research on the daily experiences of Kansas homesteaders, the history of Indigenous Peoples dispossession, and the expansion of the nation-state into the classroom. Dr. Gregg will be partnering with KU Libraries' experts: Rhonda Houser, Carmen Orth-Alfie, and Greta Valentine.

Dr. Peterson is a lecturer for the Applied English Center. Her project is entitled Developing an Open-Source Textbook for Undergraduate Research and Academic Technology Skills. She will create an open textbook tailored to the information literacy needs of international students. This open textbook will also be applicable to the needs of domestic students. Dr. Peterson will be partnering with KU Libraries' expertsMary Raple, Fran Devlin, Karna Younger, and Samantha Bishop-Simmons. 



Call for Proposals Nov. 28 to March 8
Information Session

Feb. 5, 11am-12 pm, Watson Library 455

Applications due March 8
Notifications March 22
Two hour-long workshops

April or May (TBD)

 Research Sprints May 20-24
 Showcase May 24
 Post-Sprints Interview Following semester


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