Data Carpentry Workshops

Data Carpentry teaches fundamental computational skills necessary for research. During a hands-on workshop, you will learn how to organize, clean, and query your data using open source tools. You will also learn how to reproducibly analyze and visualize your data using a programming language.

About Data Carpentry

Data Carpentry lessons are domain-specific. Well-developed curricula are available for Ecology, Genomics, Social Sciences, and Geospatial data. Curricula for other domains are under development and may be offered if time, expertise, and interest permit.

KU's cohort of certified Carpentries Instructors offer workshops multiple times per year. We do our best to time workshops around the academic calendar and class schedules. Receive news about upcoming workshops by subscribing to the ku-carpentries-news mailing list.

Recent Workshops

Data Carpentry Genomics

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - January 9-11, 2024
9:00 am - 4:30 pm CST (UTC-6) all days
Watson Library Clark Instruction Center

Who should attend?

This Data Carpentry workshop focuses on Genomics data cleaning and analysis. Participants should be familiar with biological and genomic concepts, but no prior experience with the tools covered in the workshop is expected or required.

Attendees are welcome regardless of institutional affiliation. Information about visiting Watson Library includes:

Why should I attend?

You will learn to use tools and practice skills that can improve your efficiency and the transparency and reliability of your research results.

Topics covered:

  • Project organization and management
  • Introduction to the command line
  • Data wrangling and processing
  • Introduction to cloud computing for genomics
  • Introduction to R and RStudio for Genomics

More details about the topics covered and a schedule can be found on the workshop's GitHub page.


  • Caroline Kisielinski, PhD, KU Biodiversity Institute and Natural History Museum
  • Katherine Hanson, KU Molecular Biosciences


KU Libraries, KU Research, and KU Information Technology


Jamene Brooks-Kieffer
Data Services Librarian
Watson Library