HathiTrust digital library

A digital repository of collections (books and journals) of some of the major research libraries in the United States. More than 30% of the content is in the public domain or Creative Commons licensed and is freely available to view, download and print. Items designated with "Full view" are available for download. Please login to HathiTrust in order to download and print content. After you click on login, select University of Kansas as the partner institution, then enter your KU online ID and password. To print pages, first download content to PDF and print from Adobe (or similar) software. See the Libraries' HathiTrust Help & Tutorials for more information.

Electronic books, Electronic journals
Freely accessible to the public via the Internet. Enhanced access through the University of Kansas partnership with HathiTrust licensed for all KU students, faculty, and staff connecting to the Internet. Partner login (KU online ID and password) required.