Japan narejji Lib (ジャパンナレッジ Lib) = JapanKnowledge Lib

Consists of fully searchable and browsable databases including English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries, Encyclopedia Nipponica and Encyclopedia of Japan, articles published in a weekly magazine Ekonomisuto, collection of Tōyō bunko series and other visual and sound databases. (Restricted to 2 simultaneous users.)

When using this database and other optional databases provided by the distributor of JapanKnowledge Lib (i.e., Nihon rekishi chimei taikei and Kokushi daijiten), please open a different browser to login smoothly. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are recommended browsers, though other browsers can be used.

Netto Adobansusha
Article indexes
Licensed for all KU students, faculty, and staff connecting to the Internet., Restricted to 8 simultaneous users.