Databases by Subject

Newpapers and Current Events

Asahi Shinbun Cross-Search (Asahi News Database), provided by Asahi Newspaper, is a succeeding version of Kikuzo II Visual for Libraries. This is the largest newspaper article database in Japan, allowing uses to simultaneously search 16 million newspaper articles and advertisements from 1879 to present. Those articles published since 1985 are available for full-text searching. Also this database contains weekly magazines published by the newspaper company, Aera and Shūkan Asahi, Asahi Graph (1923-1956) and the historical photo archive, which contains approximately 10,000 photographic records mostly taken in Asia during WWII.

This is a Japanese newspaper database provided by Yomiuri Shinbun (読売新聞). This includes more than 10 million newspaper articles since its inception in 1874. This database also contains the regional editions of Yomiuri Shinbun from 1933-2001, Contemporary Who’s Who of key persons in Japan, and the English version of Yomiuri Shinbun, The Japan News, since 1989. This database also features Japanese dictionary, English-Japanese dictionary, Japanese-English dictionary and Imidasu (current words) to help you with searching and reading.