Citation management tools allow you to build a collection of references, including citations, links, PDF files and notes. With these tools, you can organize and search for items, share items with others and back up your library online. Citation management tools also work within Microsoft Word. You can select items in your library as you need to cite them in the text of your paper and the citation management tool will automatically build and update your bibliography. See below for a comparison of EndNote and Zotero.


Paul Thomas

Watson Library



  • Get EndNote

    Access and install EndNote by selecting the Download option from the KU EndNote page. Graduate students, faculty, retired faculty and staff can download EndNote at no cost through KU’s Web store. NOTE: The installation requires administrator rights on your machine. If you do not have administrator rights, you will need to contact your technical support to install this software.


  • Get Zotero

    Download Zotero for Firefox and the connector for your browser. When the installation is complete, you will be re-directed to Zotero’s Success! page. Create a free account to access your library from any browser. Follow the e-mail verification and instructions to sync your account. Download the Word plugin

Compare EndNote and Zotero
How is it accessed?Full – Your computer
Basic – EndNote Web
Full – Your computer
Basic – Zotero Web
Can I attach articles to my references?YesYes
Who can have it?Free to KU graduate students, faculty, staff. Undergrad access via Virtual Lab.Browser add-on is free to anyone but there are storage limitations.
Collaboration optionsShare a library and PDF files with up to 14 other usersOnline sharing for PDF files and links.
Links may require library password.
Does it collect web page information?YesYes
In-document citation and automatic bibliography?YesYes. Current version has minor bug that is easily bypassed.
Can I import my current library?Import PDF files, folders and MS Word citationsDrag and drop files and folders
Free Online Storage (with attachments)5 GB (13,000+ papers)300 MB (700+ papers)
More space is inexpensive.
Output StylesOver 6,000; easily editedNearly 8,000; not as easily edited
TransferabilityCollection can be transferred to ZoteroCollection can be transferred to EndNote