GIS & Data Lab

The GIS & Data Lab facilitates the KU community’s use of digital data, such as geospatial, quantitative, tabular, and textual data. KU Libraries faculty and staff have expertise in digital humanities, geographic information systems, government information, and research data management. We can help you collect, organize, analyze, and visualize data, and with access to software and tools. Contact us with questions or to set up a consultation with a staff member.

The Lab is located on the 4th floor of Watson Library (room 425), the sunroom across from the main staircase, and is open during Watson's open hours. Seating capacity is limited during Spring 2021. Please see the Libraries' 2020-2021 description of spaces and services. Limited remote desktop connections to computers in the Lab are also available; priority is reserved for access to software not available elsewhere. To access the Lab remotely, connect to KU's Virtual Lab, select Desktops in the Citrix Store Front, then select Watson GIS Stat Lab. The following software is available in the Lab (an asterisk denotes software also available through KU's Virtual Desktop service):

  • Adobe Creative Cloud and multimedia software packages
  • ArcGIS Desktop*
  • ArcGIS Pro*
  • ATLAS.ti
  • Business Analyst: ArcGIS with specialized data & tools for market planning, territory design, marketing, etc.
  • Google Earth Pro: geocodes in bulk, reads shapefiles
  • Maple*
  • Minitab*
  • MPlus*
  • Notepad++*
  • NppToR
  • NVivo
  • QGIS
  • R and RStudio*
  • SAS*
  • SPSS*

Extract of USGS 1957 Topographic Map of Emporia, KS

GIS and Data Contacts

Geographic Information Systems
Rhonda Houser, Senior GIS Analyst
Watson Library

Research data
Jamene Brooks-Kieffer, Data Services Librarian
Watson Library

Digital humanities
Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities
Watson Library

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