KULSAP Guidelines

Mission & Charge

KU Libraries Student Ambassadors Program (KULSAP) exists to engage and build awareness among students toward enhancing libraries’ services and facilities.

KULSAP exists to promote student input and involvement in library services and programming. Members of KULSAP will also work closely with leaders of KU Libraries to review and refine strategies for supporting students across all of our locations.

Reporting Structure

Responsibility for facilitating KULSAP resides with the KULSAP Steering Committee, comprised of KU Libraries faculty and staff members.


Any full-time student (graduate or undergraduate) is eligible to apply to join KULSAP. The group ideally includes a diverse demographic and range of majors and class years. To be eligible to serve as a member of KULSAP, one must be a full-time student at the University of Kansas. Individually, KULSAP members are known as library ambassadors.

The length in term for a member of KULSAP will be one academic year (September to May), with an option to renew via shortened application process at the end of that academic year.


KULSAP members are expected to:

  • Attend orientation (to be held during the first meeting) in which KULSAP members learn about and engage in open discussion on libraries’ priorities, policies, and initiatives.
  • Attend monthly KULSAP meetings.
  • Work to continually contribute to an inclusive and welcoming environment for all Jayhawks.
  • Maintain a high level of enthusiasm and mindfulness in your role as an advocate for KU Libraries.

Application and Selection

Those interested in serving as part of KULSAP will do the following to apply:

  1. Complete the online application
  2. Upload a résumé, CV, or contact information for an academic reference.

Benefits of the Program

Participants in this program can expect:

  • Leadership experience
  • Guided campus and community involvement
  • A voice in influencing the future of the libraries
  • Engagement with campus donors
  • Opportunity for professional development and workshops
  • Professional headshot for personal use
  • To build a campus network
  • KULSAP apparel and accessories
  • Special event invitations

Benefit to KU Libraries

This group helps KU Libraries to build a more positive, responsive relationship with the KU student body. We empower members to become the student advocates of the libraries, especially pertaining to new initiatives and their effects on campus constituents.

Results of educating and drawing insights from these undergraduate ambassadors contribute to advancing the libraries’ strategic directions, including the aim to expand our role as collaborative educational partners. These efforts enhance our services and improve students’ academic success.

In addition, the ability to more effectively connect with this key constituency augments the public perception of the libraries on campus, and contributes to developing and maintaining relationships with the next generation of potential donors. The success of a student advisory board further enables us to advocate for the essential role of KU Libraries in research productivity, student learning, and overall engagement.