Dissertations and Theses in KU ScholarWorks

KU ScholarWorks (KUSW) is the institutional repository of the University of Kansas. It contains scholarly work produced by KU students staff, and faculty, as well as departmental research publications.

Theses and dissertations comprise about one-third of the items in ScholarWorks.  They reflect the rich variety and proud scholarly traditions of KU research. ScholarWorks makes these works available to a worldwide audience, increasing their visibility and impact. 

If you have questions about theses and dissertations in KU ScholarWorks, please contact Marianne Reed, Digital Publishing& Repository Manager at mreed@ku.edu.

Your Dissertation or Thesis in ScholarWorks

New dissertations and theses:

It generally takes 12 weeks after graduation before a new thesis or dissertation is added to the Dissertations or Theses collections in ScholarWorks. A thesis or dissertation submitted through the ETD Administrator will be sent to ScholarWorks automatically after it is processed by ProQuest, so students do not have to submit their thesis or dissertation separately to ScholarWorks. 

Dissertations and theses before 2008:

If you are a KU alumnus or the heir of a KU alumnus that wrote a thesis or dissertation at KU and would like to make that work available in ScholarWorks, staff at the KU Libraries are happy to digitize your work and add it to ScholarWorks. 

KU dissertations and theses that are in our collections and no longer covered by copyright can be added to KU ScholarWorks on request.   Please contact Marianne Reed, Digital Publishing & Repository Manager at mreed@ku.edu for more information.

Historical Context

Materials in KU ScholarWorks reflect the attitudes of the people, period, or context in which they were created. Certain images, words, terms, or descriptions may be offensive, culturally insensitive, or considered inappropriate today. These items do not represent the views of the KU Libraries or the university.


Unless otherwise noted, all theses and dissertations in ScholarWorks are protected by copyright and copyrights are held by the author. 


  • Open Access:  KU ScholarWorks strives to provide open and public access to all content in the repository.  For exceptions, see Delayed Access (Embargoes), below.
  • Permanent Links:  All items in KU ScholarWorks are assigned URLs that will never change and can be used whenever the work is cited.
  • Google and Google Scholar: The developers of DSpace--the software package behind KU ScholarWorks--have worked closely with Google to ensure that the works in those systems are easily found by Google and Google Scholar.
  • ORCIDs:  KU ScholarWorks supports the use of Open Researcher and Contributor IDs (ORCIDs). An ORCID gives each researcher a unique identifier that supports connections between the author and their work.  Researcher identifiers like ORCIDs are used by many systems in the research ecosystem, including many granting agencies, where ORCIDs are used by applicants to automatically populate lists of publications. 

Delayed Access (Embargoes)

KU Theses and Dissertations are deposited in KU ScholarWorks as a requirement of graduation and may be embargoed.  Authors of theses and dissertations can find information about  embargoes, including how to request or renew an embargo, on the Graduate Studies Embargo page and in the Graduate Studies Embargo Policy for Theses and Dissertations.

Withdrawal of Content

Theses and dissertations may be withdrawn from KUSW at the request of the department, Graduate Studies or the copyright holder of third-party materials included in the theses or dissertation. Materials may also be withdrawn at the direction of the Provost or General Counsel, or by legal order. Withdrawn items will be removed from all public access, but will be retained in the repository. Withdrawal requests should be directed to Marianne Reed, Digital Publishing& Repository Manager at mreed@ku.edu.

Resources from KU Libraries

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