KU ScholarWorks Student Permission Form

This release must be signed by any student submitting scholarly work to ScholarWorks.  Authors of theses and dissertations use the ETD Release Form (pdf) from Graduate Studies.

KU ScholarWorks Student Release Form

The University of Kansas

Student Project Release Form

Student papers, projects, and other academic creations, whether in printed or electronic form, nearly always enjoy automatic copyright protection as soon as the work is fixed in some tangible form. Student academic creations might also constitute academic records and be subject to privacy protections under other federal and state laws. 

Kansas Board of Regents Intellectual Property Policy (Section A.5), the Student Records Policy, and other federal and state laws (e.g., the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Kansas Open Records Act) may define and protect student records and other privacy interests relating to the use and release of materials arising out of or prepared for educational endeavors. 

By signing below, the student is specifically authorizing the release of his or her project for the purposes set forth in this document, authorizing disclosure of the student’s work to others, and is relinquishing and waiving any claims that may arise under any statutory or common law protections as a result of the use of this project for these purposes.

The University of Kansas Libraries will accept student academic creations only if the student signs this permission form below.


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Check this box below acknowledging the following irrevocable permissions: 

  • As the creator/author of this project, I grant the University of Kansas (KU) permission to place my project into KU ScholarWorks, KU’s online institutional repository, for permanent electronic preservation and for distribution worldwide in any format or medium for non-commercial academic purposes only.

I represent that this submission is my own original work and that my project does not, to the best of my knowledge, infringe upon anyone’s copyright. I also represent and warrant that this submission contains no libelous or other unlawful matter and makes no improper invasion of the privacy of any other person.

I understand that, as the author of this work, I retain copyright. I grant to the University of Kansas a limited, non-exclusive license to disseminate my project through the repository and to migrate my project (i.e., copy it) for preservation purposes at any time in the future and as many times as necessary.

I understand that no changes will be made to the content of my project, but that slight modifications in format might occur during the process of conversion.

I understand that I may revoke this authorization for disclosure or use of my academic creation at any future date by giving written notice to the University of Kansas Libraries that I would like my project to be removed from KU ScholarWorks. (An archived electronic copy will be kept, but it will not be accessible to anyone but the administrators of KU ScholarWorks.)



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