LibArt Exhibition Policy


Applicants are responsible for the delivery of their work, if selected for physical display. Selected works should be delivered to the agreed location ready for hanging by the deadline communicated (unless other arrangements are made).

Need help? Check out the complete guide to preparing your work for exhibition.

  • Work should be stretched, framed,* matted and/or mounted, including wire or brackets for hanging.
    • *While framing is encouraged, it is not required.
  • Charcoal and pastel drawings must be spray-fixed.
  • Each work should be labeled on the back with the following information:
    • Title of piece (if applicable)
    • Artist’s name
    • Artist’s email and/or telephone number

(Artwork selected for digital exhibition only requires no additional submission or delivery.)


The LibArt Committee will determine exhibition locations for each selected work. Committee members will hang the art and create labels (to include artist’s name, major and year in school; title; and medium).

Identified exhibition spaces include: (but are subject to change)

  • Watson Library
    • Physical displays: Level 3 East (on the main level, just to your left past the service desk)
    • Digital display: Level 3, straight ahead from the front doors on the wall across from the main elevator
  • Anschutz Library
    • Physical displays: Level 3 (the main level), either in the south atrium down the row of large windows, or along a wall at the west/right end
  • Spencer Research Library
    • Physical displays: North Gallery, Level 3 (the main level)
  • Art & Architecture Library
    • Physical displays located throughout the library
    • Digital display: Located between classrooms 103 and 104

The exhibition will run from August through May.


KU Libraries’ LibArt committee members will take utmost care to ensure the safekeeping of each artwork selected for display. Works will be exhibited in highly visible, public spaces. Though KU Libraries and its staff will not be held responsible for damage or theft of artwork (see Exhibition Agreement for additional details), artists may request that a security strip be attached to the artwork, which will activate an alarm if the piece is removed from the library.


Art selected for physical display should remain on display for the entire period of the exhibition (August through May). If an unforeseen need to retrieve the work early arises, applicants should contact Rebecca Schroeder at or 785-864-1682.

If a sale of displayed art would occur (to be negotiated directly between the buyer and the artist), we request that the work still remain on display through the duration of the exhibition period.

Near the end of the exhibition period, LibArt committee members will contact artists to arrange for pick-up. Artists are responsible for retrieval of their artwork from the agreed location, with the presentation of a photo ID.

Any work not picked up within six months of the initial pick-up deadline will become the property of KU Libraries.