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Past Gallery Lecture Series events

The Gallery Lecture Series highlights the breadth of interdisciplinary research and creative work found on the range of topics showcased each semester in the Haricombe Gallery.



Exhibit - For the People:  KU Libraries Celebrate 150 Years of Publicly Accessible Government Information

March 27 - Richard Graham (Associate Professor and Media Services Librarian at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln), "Government Issue: Comics for the People"

April 26 - KU Debate Team, with Director and Coach Scott Harris, "Mock Debate and Q&A"



Exhibit -  Side by Side:  A Partnership of Honor and Support

March 27 - Sarah Deer (Professor, School of Law), "Resilience and Resistance:  Native Women Confront Sexual Violence"

April 24 - Sierra Watt (PhD candidate, Political Science), "The Political Representation of Women within Native American Tribal Dovernments"


Exhibit - Documented:  Perspectives on Migration and Creation

September 21 - Tamara Falicov (Professor, Film Studies) and Marta Caminero-Santangelo (Professor, English Dept.), "Voices from Our Neighbors:  Immigration Journeys to Lawrence"

October 30 - Kathryn Vaggalis (PhD candidate, American Studies), "Queer Brides and Lonely Swains:  American Picture Brides and the Effects of Marriage, Race, and the Family on U.S. Immigration Policy"



Exhibit - Engaged:  Campus and Community Scholars Working Together for the Public Good

March 29 - James D. Bever (Foundation Distinguished Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), "Plant Microbiomes, Prairie Biodiversity, and Agricultural Productivity"

April 26 - Wendy L. Picking (Professor, Pharmaceutical Chemistry) and William D. Picking (Foundation Distinguished Professor, School of Pharmacy), "Promoting Well-being – Finding Cures: Vaccines at the University of Kansas"


Exhibit - Resist and Respect:  Kansans Respond to the Vietnam War

October 6 - Alesha E. Doan (Associate Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies) and Shannon K. Portillo (Associate Professor, Public Affairs and Administration), "Organizational Obliviousness:  Entrenched Resistance to Gender Integration in the Military"

November 6 - Ray Mizumura-Pence (Associate Professor, American Studies), "At War with the New Frontier and Great Society, On the Defensive in Vietnam:  Correspondence between Kansans and U.S. Representative Robert J. Dole, 1964-1968"



Exhibit - Easter Front 1914-1918:  An Exploration of the Conflict

April 15 - Nathan Wood (Associate Professor, History Dept.), "Understanding Life and Death on the Eastern Front:  A Personal and Historical Journey"

April 21 - Colin Roust (Assistant Professor, School of Music), "World War I as Artistic Crucible:  The Early Music of Georges Auric (1899-1983)"


Exhibit - Ingenuity @ KU:  125 Years of Engineering Innovation, Education, and Engagement

October 6 - Mark B. Shiflett (Foundation Distinguished Professor, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering), "Addressing the Grand Challenges with Engineering"

October 18 - Steven Soper (Foundation Distinguished Professor, School of Engineering) and Matt Jackson (Postdoctoral Scholar, Chemistry Dept.), "The Role of a Chemist in Medicine"



Exhibit - Contested American Identities:  KU Scholars Address the Challenge

February 24 - Daniel Coburn (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Design)

April 2 - Chuck Epp (University Distinguished Professor, Public Affairs and Administration) and Donna Ginther (Professor, Public Affairs and Administration)

April 23 - Joane Nagel (University Distinguished Professor, Sociology Dept.) and Pooya Naderi (Lecturer, Sociology Dept.)


Exhibit - KU 150:  Celebrating 150 Years of Leadership, Scholarship, and Tradition at the University of Kansas

October 7 - Beth Bailey (Foundation Distinguished Professor, History Dept.)

November 12 - Michelle Heffner Hayes (Chair, Dept. of Theatre and Dance)



Exhibit - Robbing the Soil (opened September 2013)

February 6 - Donald Worster (Professor Emeritus, History Dept.), "The Impact of the Natural World on Human Society"


General Library Lecture Series Events

Spring 2014 marked the inaugural Lecture Series events in Watson Library, and the lectures were not necessarily connected to the exhibits currently on display in the Haricombe Gallery.  As such, the following Lecture Series events were focused on other important topics:

February 27 - Anne Hedeman (Judith Harris Murphy Distinguished Professor, Dept. of Art History), "Past and Present:  Illustrating Sallust in the Fifteenth Century" and Chassica Kirchhoff (PhD candidate, Art History), "Encasing Meaning:  Armor as a Visual Language in the 15th and Early 16th Centuries"

March 12 - Timothy Miller (Professor, Religious Studies), "Religion in Kansas:  Exploring Some Byways"


Exhibit - Lasting Impact:  Brown v. the Board of Education

April 3 - Lua Kámal Yuille (Associate Professor, School of Law), "The Liberation of Civil Rights Law"


Exhibit - art+science:  Collaborative Research at the University of Kansas

September 18 - Steven Duval (Postdoctoral Scholar, Spencer Museum of Art) and Rebecca Blocksome (Arts Research Collaboration Initiative, Spencer Museum of Art), "Thinking Through:  Practice-Led Research, Interdisciplinarity, and Road Building"

October 16 - Chris Beard (Foundation Distinguished Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) and Pauline Coster (Adjunct Research Affiliate, KU Biodiversity Institute), "Science in the Midst of Geopolitical Instability:  New Data on Early Primate Evolution in Libya"

November 20 - A. Townsend Peterson (University Distinguished Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), "Merging Science with History:  Filling in a Century of Mexican Ornithology"

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