Amalia Monroe-Gulick

  • Librarian/Social Sciences and Collection Assessment Librarian

Contact Info

Office Phone:
Watson Library, Room 440
1425 Jayhawk Boulevard
Lawrence, KS 66045


Amalia Monroe-Gulick is the content development librarian for the social sciences and collection assessment.

Selected Publications

Gross, Judith, Amalia Monroe-Gulick, Debbie Davidson-Gibbs, Chad Nye, and Devin Dedrick. 2020. “Multifaceted Interventions for Supporting Community Participation Among Adults with Disabilities: A Systematic Review.” Journal Articles. Campbell Systematic Reviews 16 (2).
Monroe-Gulick, Amalia, Lea Currie, and Corinne Forstot-Burke. 2019. “WorldShare Collection Evaluation: A Case Study.” Journal Articles. T 36 (1): 1–17.
Francis, G L, J M Gross, J Schmalzried, A L Monroe-Gulick, and S Reed. 2018. “Supporting Students with Disabilities, Families, and Professionals to Collaborate During  the Transition to Adulthood.” Book Chapters. In International Review of Research in Developmental Disabilities , 54:71–104.
Monroe-Gulick, Amalia, Greta Valentine, and Jamene Brooks-Kieffer. 2017. “‘You Need to Have a Street Beat’: A Qualitative Study of Faculty Research Needs and Challenges.” Journal Articles. Portal: Libraries and the Academy 17 (4): 777–802.
Giullian, Jon C., and Amalia Monroe-Gulick. 2017. “Assessment of KU Libraries’ Area Studies Collections: Purpose, Process, and Potential.” Journal Articles. Slavic and East European Information Resources 18 (1–2): 49–66.
Kliewer, Greta, Amalia Monroe-Gulick, Erik Radio, and Stephanie Gamble. 2016. “Using Primo for Undergraduate Research: A Usability Study.” Journal Articles. Library Hi Tech 34 (4): 566–84.
Weller, Travis, and Amalia Monroe-Gulick. 2015. “Differences in the Data Practices, Challenges, and Future Needs of Graduate Students and Faculty Members.” Journal Articles. Journal of EScience Librarianship 4 (1): Article 2.
Peterson-Besse, J J, M S O’Brien, E S Walsh, A Monroe-Gulick, G White, and C E Drum. 2014. “Clinical Preventive Service Use Disparities among Subgroups of People with Disabilities: A Scoping Review.” Journal Articles. Disability and Health Journal 7 (4): 373–93.
Monroe-Gulick, Amalia, Lea Currie, and Travis Weller. 2014. “Local Citation Analysis of National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health Grant Applications: Meeting the Needs of Researchers.” Journal Articles. The Serials Librarian 67 (4): 399–414.
Weller, Travis, and Amalia Monroe-Gulick. 2014. “Understanding Methodological and Disciplinary Differences in the Data Practices of Academic Researchers.” Journal Articles. Library Hi Tech 32 (3): 467–82.
Monroe-Gulick, Amalia, Megan    S. O’Brien, and Glen White. 2013. Librarians as Partners: Moving from Research Supporters to Research Partners. Conference Proceedings. Imagine, Innovate, Inspire: The Proceedings of the ACRL 2013 Conference.
Currie , Lea, and Amalia Monroe-Gulick. 2013. “What Do Our Faculty Use? An Interdisciplinary Citation Analysis Study.” Journal Articles. The Journal of Academic Librarianship 39 (6): 471–80.
Monroe-Gulick, Amalia. 2012. “Incoming Graduate Students in the Social Sciences: How Much Do They Really Know about Library Research?” Journal Articles. Portal: Libraries and the Academy 12 (3): 315–35.
Monroe-Gulick, Amalia, and Lea Currie. 2011. “Using the WorldCat Collection Analysis Tool: Experiences from the University of Kansas Libraries.” Journal Articles. Collection Management 36 (4): 203–16.
Monroe, Amalia. 2010. “Checking the United Nations: A Checklist Evaluation of United Nations Specialized Agencies Serial Publications.” Journal Articles. Collection Management 35 (2): 83–100.

Selected Presentations

Monroe-Gulick, A., Currie, L., & Petr, J. (4/5/2016 - 4/5/2016). Assessing Major Organizational Change: The Effects on Use of Library Resources and Services. Electronic Resources and Libraries. Austin, Texas
Kiewer, G., & Monroe-Gulick, A. (7/20/2015). Building a Culture of Assessment: Local Responses to National Trends at the University of Kansas. 11th Northumbria Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries and Information Services. Edinburgh, UK
Weller, T., & Monroe-Gulick, A. (4/24/2015). Evaluating Research Needs by Methodology: Assessment at the University of Kansas. Research Data Access and Preservation Summit. Minneapolis, MN
Monroe-Gulick, A., & S. (4/11/2013). Librarians as Partners: Moving from Research Supporters to Research Partners. Presentation, Association of College and Research Libraries Conference. Indianapolis, IN
Monroe-Gulick, A., & Currie, L. (11/9/2012). Proving the Value of Libraries. Presentation, Charleston Conference. Charleston, SC