Amalia Monroe-Gulick

  • Social Sciences Librarian

Contact Info

Watson Library, 350
1425 Jayhawk Boulevard
Lawrence, KS 66045


<div class="">Amalia Monroe-Gulick is the content development librarian for the social sciences and collection assessment.</div>

Selected Publications

Monroe-Gulick, A., Morris, S. (2023). Diversity in Monographs: Selectors, Acquisitions, Publishers, and Vendors. Collection Management - Issue 3 | Volume 48.
Mchugh, A., Zane, T., Monroe-Gulick, A. (2023). Adults with autism using self-management to decrease problem behavior: A review of the literature. Behavioral Interventions.
Girolamo, T., Shen, L., Monroe-Gulick, A., Rice, M., Eigsti, I. (2023). Studies pertaining to language impairment in school-age autistic individuals underreport participant socio-demographics: A systematic review. Autism.
Reed, D., Naudé, G., Salzer, A., Peper, M., Monroe-Gulick, A., Gelino, B., Harsin, J., Foster, R., Nighbor, T., Kaplan, B., Koffarnus, M., Higgins, S. (2020). Behavioral economic measurement of cigarette demand: A descriptive review of published approaches to the cigarette purchase task. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology - Issue 6 | Volume 28.
Dvorak, A., Davis, J., Bernard, G., Beveridge-Calvin, R., Monroe-Gulick, A., Thomas, P., Forstot-Burke, C. (2020). Systematic Review of Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences: Implications for Music Therapy Education. Music Therapy Perspectives - Issue 2 | Volume 38.
Monroe-Gulick, A. (2020). Multifaceted Interventions for Supporting Community Participation Among Adults with Disabilities: A Systematic Review. Campbell Systematic Reviews - Issue 2 | Volume 16.
Monroe-Gulick, A., Currie, L., Forstot-Burke, C. (2019). WorldShare Collection Evaluation: A Case Study. Technical Services Quarterly - Issue 1 | Volume 36.
Monroe-Gulick, A., Valentine, G., Brooks-Kieffer, J. (2017). "You Need to Have a Street Beat": A Qualitative Study of Faculty Research Needs and Challenges. Portal - Issue 4 | Volume 17.
Kliewer, G., Monroe-Gulick, A., Gamble, S., Radio, E. (2016). Using Primo for undergraduate research: a usability study. Library Hi Tech - Issue 4 | Volume 34.

Selected Presentations

Assessing Major Organizational Change: The Effects on Use of Library Resources and Services - Electronic Resources and Libraries. Location: Austin, Texas. (4-05-2016).
Building a Culture of Assessment: Local Responses to National Trends at the University of Kansas - 11th Northumbria Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries and Information Services. Location: Edinburgh, UK. (7-20-2015).
Evaluating Research Needs by Methodology: Assessment at the University of Kansas - Research Data Access and Preservation Summit. Location: Minneapolis, MN. (4-24-2015).
Librarians as Partners: Moving from Research Supporters to Research Partners - Presentation, Association of College and Research Libraries Conference. Location: Indianapolis, IN. (4-11-2013).
Proving the Value of Libraries - Presentation, Charleston Conference. Location: Charleston, SC. (11-09-2012).