Geoffrey Husic

  • Librarian of Slavic and Near East Studies
  • Gretchen and Gene A. Budig Distinguished Librarian

Contact Info

Watson Library, 519


My research interests pertain mainly to the Balkan languages (Slovenian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Albanian, Romanian, Vlax, Greek, and Romani) and the Balkan Linguistic Union, which is a linguistic concept that examines the syntactic, morphological, and lexicological commonalities that have arisen in these territorially contiguous, but linguistically quite different Indo-European language groups. Within my research in this field I have focused on two specific aspects: the problem of orthographic history, language and dialect variation, and reform, and how the lack of orthographic uniformity and relatively late standardization affect information retrieval in the context of libraries' cataloging and metadata standards, and in bibliographic databases and software utilities.

Selected Publications

Husic, Geoffrey. 2017. “Using OCLC WorldCat Language Indexes to Quantify Slavic and Eurasian Language Collections and Answer Complex Bibliographic Questions.” Journal Articles. Slavic & East European Information Resources 18 (3–4): 109–27.
Husic, Geoff. 2014. “Enhancing an Open-Access Linguistics Journal Archive with Library of Congress-like Metadata: A Case Study of the Effectiveness for Improving Discovery.” Journal Articles. Kansas Working Papers in Linguistics 35 (2014) (November): 1–8.
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