Josh Bolick

Josh Bolick
  • Head, Shulenburger Office of Scholarly Communication & Copyright

Contact Info

Watson Library, 400A


Josh is the Head of the David Shulenburger Office of Scholarly Communication & Copyright in KU Libraries. In this role, Josh provides services and instruction regarding copyright and fair use, author's rights, the use of the KU ScholarWorks repository, visibility and impact of researchers and research outputs, and open education. He received his undergraduate degree in History and Philosophy/Religion at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and his MLIS at Florida State University.


Josh's research advances principles of openness, author's rights, global access to scholarship, and open education. His most recent project is an innovative approach to Elsevier's author sharing policy, and a long term project at the intersection of open education and scholarly communication: the creation of a collaboratively authored and community maintained open resource about scholarly communication librarianship.

Research interests:

  • open access
  • author's rights
  • open education
  • scholarly communication

Selected Publications

Bolick, J. (2018). Leveraging Elsevier’s Creative Commons License Requirement to Undermine Embargo [Journal Articles]. Journal of Copyright in Education and Librarianship, 2(2).
Bolick, J., Bonn, M., & Cross, W. (2017). Community-Led Teaching and Learning: Designing an Open Educational Resource for Scholarly Communication and Legal Issues [Journal Articles]. Against the Grain, 29(4).
Bolick, J., Emmett, A., Greenberg, M. L., Rosenblum, B., & Peterson, A. T. (2017). How Open Access is Crucial to the Future of Science [Journal Articles]. Journal of Wildlife Management, 81.
Peterson, A. T., Emmett, A., Bolick, J., Greenberg, M., & Rosenblum, B. (2016). Subsidizing Truly Open Access [Journal Articles]. Science, 352(6292), 1404.
Bolick, J. (2015). [Reviews]. Journal of Scholarly Communication and Copyright, 3(3), eP1268. Pacific University Libraries.
Vandegrift, M., & Bolick, J. (2014). “Free to All”: Library Publishing and the Challenge of Open Access [Journal Articles]. Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication, 2(4), eP1181.

Selected Presentations

Bonn, M., Bolick, J., & Cross, W. (4/10/2019). OER+Scholarly Communication. Association of College and Research Libraries Biannual Conference. Cleveland, OH
Bonn, M., Cross, W., & Bolick, J. (11/9/2018). Bringing New Scholarly Communication Librarians into Bloom. The Charleston Conference. Charleston, SC
Cross, W., Bolick, J., & Bonn, M. (11/6/2018). Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom: Planting Local Open Educational Resources that Will Spring Up Across the Field. The Charleston Conference. Charleston, SC.
Bonn, M., Bolick, J., & Cross, W. (10/12/2018). OER is for Everyone!: Granularity as an Approach to Scaling OER Creation through Open Canvas. Open Education Conference. Niagara Falls, NY
Bolick, J. (10/12/2018). What do MLIS Faculty Know about OER?. Open Education Conference. Niagara Falls, NY
Bonn, M., Bolick, J., & Cross, W. (5/23/2018). Expanding Scholarly Communication Instruction for the Next Generation of LIS Leaders: Building an Open Educational Resource to Support the Work of Scholarly Communication. Library Publishing Forum. Minneapolis, MN.
Cross, W., Bolick, J., & Bonn, M. (10/12/2017). Walking the Walk for Open Pedagogy: Community Design of a Shared Open Educational Resource about Scholarly Communication for Librarians and Learners. Open Education Conference. Anaheim CA
Bolick, J. (6/5/2017). Exploiting Elsevier's Creative Commons License Requirement to Subvert Embargo. Kraemer Copyright Conference. Colorado Springs CO.
Bolick, J., & Cummings-Sauls, R. (4/28/2017). Addressing Student and Instructor Needs through Library Support for Open Educational Resources. Kansas Library Association, College & University Libraries Section Spring Conference. Lawrence, KS
Bolick, J. (4/29/2017). Open Educational Resources and Math. Kansas Section Mathematical Association of America. Lawrence, KS
Bolick, J. A. (4/22/2016). The (Rough & Many-laned) Road to Open: How do we get there from here?. Kansas Library Association College and University Library Section and Nebraska Library Association College and University Section Annual Joint Conference. Manhattan KS

Grants & Other Funded Activity

Designing OERs To Prepare the Next Generation of Scholarly Communication Librarians. LG-72-17-0132-17. Institute of Museum & Library Services and North Carolina State University. $8472.00. Submitted 5/31/2017 (11/1/2017 - 10/31/2018). Federal. Status: Funded
Open Educational Resources Research Fellow. Open Education Group. (1/1/2017 - 12/31/2018). Foundation. Status: Funded