Scott Hanrath

Scott Hanrath
  • Associate Librarian
  • Associate Dean, Research Engagement
  • Administration

Contact Info

Office Phone:
Watson Library
University of Kansas
1425 Jayhawk Boulevard
Lawrence, KS 66045


Research interests:

  • Digital Libraries
  • Metadata
  • Usability
  • Web Analytics
  • Library Discovery

Selected Publications

Hanrath, Scott, and Erik Radio. 2017. “User Search Terms and Controlled Subject Vocabularies in an Institutional Repository.” Journal Articles. Library Hi Tech 35 (3): 360–67.
Radio, Erik, and Scott Hanrath. 2016. “Measuring the Impact and Effectiveness of Transitioning to a Linked Data Vocabulary.” Journal Articles. Journal of Library Metadata 16 (2): 80–94.
Hanrath, Scott, and Miloche Kottman. 2015. “Use and Usability of a Discovery Tool in an Academic Library.” Journal Articles. Journal of Web Librarianship 9 (1): 1–21.

Selected Presentations

Hanrath, S., Miller, K., & Whittaker, B. (3/9/2018). Recovering Library Services, Spaces, and Collections. Master Property Program Loss Control Workshop. St. Louis, MO
Hanrath, S., & Brooks-Kieffer, J. (2/13/2018). Data attribution and integration: a libraries' perspective. Biodiversity Collections Network (BCoN) Data Integration and Attribution Workshop. Lawrence, KS
Hanrath, S. (6/15/2016). Integrating a Faculty Activity Reporting System with an Institutional Repository in Support of Open Access. Open Repositories 2016. Dublin, Ireland.
Hanrath, S., Faiks, A., & McCullough, J. (11/13/2015). Linked Data-Driven Discovery: Applications and APIs from a User-Centered Perspective. Library Information Technology Association (LITA) Forum. Minneapolis, MN.
Hanrath, S., & Radio, E. (6/10/2015). User Search Terms and Controlled Subject Vocabularies in an Institutional Repository. Open Repositories 2015. Indianapolis, IN.
Hanrath, S. (5/6/2015). Using Google Analytics with Primo. Presentation, Ex Libris Users of North America (ELUNA) 2015 Conference. Minneapolis, MN
Hanrath, S. (5/1/2014). Boolean Search Suggestions in Primo. Ex Libris Users of North America (ELUNA) 2014 Meeting, April 29 - May 2, 2014. Montreal, Canada. http://
Hanrath, S. (11/1/2013). Using Event Tracking to Enhance Library Web Interfaces. Presentation, Brick and Click Academic Library Symposium. Maryville, MO
Hanrath, S., & Kottman, M. (5/5/2013). Primo Usability Studies at the University of Kansas. Presentation, Primo User Studies Panel, Ex Libris Users North American (ELUNA) 2013 Conference. Athens, GA
Hanrath, S. (5/9/2012). Primo Implementation at the University of Kansas. Presentation, Ex Libris Users North America (ELUNA) 2012 Conference. Salt Lake City, UT
Hanrath, S. (12/31/2012). Virtual Environments at the University of Kansas Libraries. Living the Future Conference. Tuscon, AZ
Hanrath, S. (12/31/2011). One Week | One Tool: ultra-rapid open source development among strangers. Presentation, Code4lib 2011 Conference. Bloomington, IN
Rosenblum, B., & Hanrath, S. (12/31/2009). Building content and community: digital publishing services at the University of Kansas. Presentation, International PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference. Vancouver, BC
Hanrath, S. (3/31/2005). Developing Computer-Assisted Survey Software for Collecting Geospatial Data Objects. Presentation, FedCASIC Workshop. Washington, DC