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Though our buildings are closed, KU Libraries continues to offer services and resources for remote teaching, learning, and research. Please visit https://lib.ku.edu/remote for more information.

Care and Handling of Library Materials

All library users can help extend the life of the University of Kansas Libraries' collections by following these guidelines:

  • Protect borrowed materials from rain, dampness, sun, heat, pets, and smoking and tobacco products.
  • Handle books carefully, especially when photocopying and scanning.
  • Mark your place with a bookmark; do not bend corners of pages or use tape, Post-It notes, paper clips, or other objects.
  • Take notes rather than using highlighters, underlining, or writing in the margins of the Libraries' books and periodicals.
  • Avoid eating snacks and drinking beverages while handling or working around library materials.

Please notify the library staff at any service desk if you discover a book that needs repair.

To learn more, see the following items:

The Library of Congress provides information about the Care, Handling, and Storage of Books.                                .

Smith College presents a visual display in Book Care and Handling Tips.

The BYU Library shares a video titled Many Stations of Book Preservation.


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