Scanning and Printing for Visitors to KU Libraries


Free scanning is available in most library locations on a first-come, first-served basis. Scanned images are saved as PDF or image (JPG, PNG) files that can be sent to your email or cloud storage accounts or saved to a portable USB device. See list of Scanners by Location.

Alternatives to Printing

For PDF articles retrieved from online resources, the best option is to save the PDFs to the workstation desktop, and then send the items to your email or cloud storage accounts or save them to a portable USB device.

Printing Available Only in Watson Library

The option to print from a Community Access Workstation is available only in Watson Library.  See Paying for Printing below.


Copying from physical books and other paper items is not available.  The one option will be to scan items at a free scanning location and to send the resulting PDF or image files to your email or cloud storage account or to save them on a portable USB device. From a Community Access Workstation in Watson Library, open the PDF or media file and send to the designated printer. See Paying for Printing below.

Alternately, send the PDF or image files to your email account or save them to your cloud storage account or a portable USB device and print at a non-library location.

Paying for Printing

Visitor printing will be available only in Watson Library from the Community Access Workstations.  Request print of each item being sure to enter a document name you will recognize. When ready to print items, go to the Watson Checkout Desk to identify and pay for the print jobs. Following payment, library staff will release your print jobs to one of the on-site printers.

Printing costs:

  • 8½ x 11 black and white prints: 10¢ per side
  • 8½ x 11 color prints: 50¢ per side
  • Kansas sales tax is included in the cost of each print job.
  • Duplex printing is automatic. Print properties must be set to single-sided printing in the application (Word, Acrobat, PowerPoint, etc.) before the print job is sent to the printer.
  • No cash refunds are available. Reprints will be provided only for equipment or system errors.

Payment methods:

  • Debit or credit card payments are preferred (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).
  • Cash payments for the exact amount of purchase are accepted. Checks are accepted for printing purchases of $1 or more.

Kenneth Spencer Research Library

For information about printing and copying of library materials in Kenneth Spencer Research Library, see Request Reproductions.