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Eligibility includes all KU faculty and academic staff as defined in the Handbook for Faculty and Other Unclassified Staff. Student assistants may participate on teams as long as the primary researcher or instructor is a faculty member.

Application checklist

  1. Project Narrative: The project narrative should be no more than five pages, double spaced. It should address the following components: 
    1. Project Description: A clear and concise explanation of the overall proposed research project, including methods and sources being used, scope of activities for the week of the Sprint, outcomes, and significance to the faculty member’s overall field of study or teaching activities.
    2. Rationale: The rationale for partnering with KU Libraries on the proposed project, and the envisioned role of the KU Libraries team. 
    3. Impact: The impact of the project on the faculty member’s research and/or teaching agenda. If the proposal is part of a larger project, address the relationship of this component to the overall research project (not applicable to proposals for stand-alone projects). 
    4. Feasibility: An outline of activities for the week of the Sprint
  2. Anticipated Needs: Include a brief list of anticipated resources and/or expertise needed to complete the project. This information will help shape the formation of the library team that we will create for your project.
  3. Selection Criteria: The rubric that will be used to evaluate proposals can be found under Selection Criteria.

Application deadline & important dates


Call for proposals Open through March 6
Information session

Thurs., Feb. 6, 3-4 pm, Watson Library, room 455

Applications due March 6
Notifications March 23
Pre-Sprints workshop

May (TBD)

Research Sprints May 18-22
Showcase May 22, 12 pm, Watson Library, 3 West



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