Publish and Share

KU Libraries faculty and staff advise and assist faculty, staff, and students in sharing their research in print and digital forms. Our staff are knowledgeable in the areas of copyright and author’s rights, scholarly impact, and open access. KU Libraries also hosts KU ScholarWorks—the institutional repository of the University of Kansas—and an array of online scholarly journals.

KU ScholarWorks

KU ScholarWorks (KUSW) is the institutional repository of the University of Kansas. It contains scholarly work produced by KU faculty, staff and students, as well as departmental research publications.  About KU ScholarWorks

Digital Publishing

KU Libraries offers support to the KU community for the design, management and distribution of online journals, books, conference proceedings, research reports, and other scholarly content.

Electronic Theses/Dissertations

KU Libraries offer assistance to students in formatting, citation management, and submitting their theses and dissertations to KU ScholarWorks and ProQuest.

GIS and Mapping

KU Libraries offers support for creating interactive, web maps for teaching or to share data or projects; and assistance generating static maps for teaching, presentations, and articles related to geographic information systems (GIS).

Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities

The Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities (IDRH) provides various opportunities for sharing digital humanities research, including an annual DH Forum, monthly seminars, and occasional workshops. IDRH faculty and staff can also consult on tools and venues for publishing and disseminating digital humanities projects and research, and advise on evaluating digital projects for promotion & tenure.

Open Education

KU Libraries advocates for and supports the use of open educational resources (OER) and open educational practices to reduce textbook costs to students and support academic freedom for instructors through consultations, presentations, grants to support OER adoption, adaptation, and creation, and memberships in collaborative efforts such as the Open Education Network and OpenStax Institutional Partner Program.

Research Data Management

KU Libraries offers guidance on writing and implementing data management plans for personal research and to meet funding agency requirements. Guidance is also available on depositing and/or publishing data to ensure its preservation and to meet the expectations of disciplines, funders, and/or publishers.

Scholarly Communication & Copyright

KU Libraries' Shulenburger Office of Scholarly Communication & Copyright assists faculty and students to share their scholarly work using complementary online tools like KU ScholarWorks, to manage the complex copyrights associated with those works and the works of other scholars and to learn more about the shifting system of scholarly communication in which they are major stakeholders.

Sustainable Scholarship

KU Libraries is committed to serving the research & publishing needs of students, faculty, and staff by participating in the movement towards a more sustainable scholarly future.