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The Carpentries

The Carpentries teaches essential computing and data skills to researchers around the globe. KU Libraries coordinate KU's program of Carpentries workshops.

About The Carpentries


Throughout the academic year, KU Libraries and KU's Carpentries Instructors offer hands-on workshops teaching one or more topics from The Carpentries curricula. These events may take place online or in person and, unless noted, are open to KU affiliates, community members, and regional neighbors. Receive news about upcoming workshops by subscribing to the ku-carpentries-news mailing list.


Software Carpentry

Automate tasks using the Unix Shell, track and share your work using version control, and write software in Python or R that is readable, reusable, and reliable.

Data Carpentry

Organize, clean, and query your data using open-source tools. Reproducibly analyze and visualize your data using Python or R.

Library Carpentry

Structure, query, clean, and manipulate data specific to library and information workers.


KU is an institutional member of The Carpentries and hosts a vibrant cohort of Carpentries instructors. Instructors are volunteers who train and certify in The Carpentries' inclusive pedagogy and teach during workshops as their schedules permit. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about Carpentries Instructor Training.


KU's Carpentries membership is sponsored by KU Libraries, KU Research, and KU Information Technology, with additional support from NSF EPSCoR OIA #2019603, Aquatic Intermittency effects on Microbiomes in Streams (AIMS).


Jamene Brooks-Kieffer
Data Services Librarian
Watson Library