Scanning, Printing and Copying


KU Libraries provide a variety of scanners for patron use. Scanning is free, but users must use their own USB flash drives or email accounts to save scanned images.

Scanners by Location

Scanners by Type: Overhead | Flatbed | Large Format | Accessibility Scanners

Printing & Copying

Using the Printer/Copiers

The new system for printing requires users to log in at the device to release the print job...

To release a print job:

  1. Open and print your document from the desktop computer
  2. A window on the screen will notify you of the number of pages, printer location, and cost of the print. Press the 'Print' button
  3. A small notification will indicate that your document is waiting to be released at the device
  4. At this point, you can go to any device in that building to release your print job
  5. Instructions on releasing your print job are posted at each device. Using the touchscreen and keyboard, log in on the device using your KU Online ID and Password
  6. Touch the 'Release' tab on the touchscreen
  7. Touch the jobs you would like to print
  8. Press the blue 'Start' button on the device
  9. Press the 'Access' button on the device to log out

Why do I have to log in?

The printer/copier/scanner devices allow for printing (black and white, color, and duplex), scanning and copying to be done on a single device, increasing the availability of these services and eliminating the need for multiple printers and scanners.

The system for printing requires users to log in at the device to release the print job, which provides a more secure way of printing and reduces the number of unclaimed print jobs.  More information:

Quick Printing Available
Anschutz Library 4 on main level, 1 on 4th floor
Watson Library 3 on main level
Art & Architecture Library 1 on main level
Spahr Engineering Library 1 on main level

Quick Print workstations allow users to print quickly from a USB drive, email attachment or web storage (such as Hawk Drive) without logging in to the computer. Users must provide a KU Online ID and password when prompted, and their KU card must have sufficient funds to print. Usage of the Quick Print station is limited to a maximum of five minutes per session.

Students Print the first 100 pages free

Each semester, all currently enrolled students will receive $8 worth of free printing. This free printing will allow students 100 pages of black and white printing, which can be used in any of the public computing areas, including the libraries and computer labs. The $8 does not carry-over to the next semester, however students will receive another $8 for the Spring Semester, and $4 if they are enrolled in the Summer. Once the student's funds have been used, they will need money on their KU Card in order to print. For more information regarding the printing system, please see KU Information Technology Computer Labs.

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