Snyder Book Collecting Contest Checklist

To ensure your best chances of success please complete the following checklist to confirm that you have met all of the requirements as outlined in the rules.

If you have any questions about the rules email Christin Monts:

☐ 2-6 page essay:

☐ My essay shows the purpose and method for building my collection

☐ It gives ideas for my collection’s future development

☐ It communicates how the items form a coherent collection

☐ It contains no identifying information (e.g. family names)

☐ Annotated Bibliography:

☐ I included approximately 25-50 items from my collection in my bibliography

☐ I annotated at least 10 items in my bibliography, which:

☐ Describes how each item relates to my collection as a whole and may address how and why I acquired the items

☐ Displays my understanding and knowledge of my books
**Not sure how to annotate? See Helpful Resources.

☐ It contains no identifying information (e.g. family names)

☐ The items I cite in my bibliography match the items I will display if selected as a finalist
**If items in your bibliography are missing from display at the event, you may be disqualified at the judges’ discretion

☐ 50-100 word summary of my collection

I combined my essay, annotated bibliography, & summary into one electronic document
**(preferably Microsoft Word) If you have checked all the items above you are ready to submit your entry via the Snyder web form.

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