Textbook Heroes

Meggie Mapes

Introductory Course Director
Communication Studies

Meggie Mapes


COMS 130/131: Audience Speaker Communication

OER created: 

Speak Out, Call In: Public Speaking as Advocacy

Nationwide impact:

“The realm of public speaking was lacking in open materials. I wanted to take an advocacy-focused approach with my course, but nothing like that existed. Creating “Speak Out, Call In” enabled me to create the resource I wanted. So far, 10 faculty members across the US have adopted the book and more are inquiring about the adoption process.”

Key partnership:

“I started working with the libraries’ Office of Scholarly Communication and Copyright to learn more about OER and was fortunate to receive a grant through their OER Grant Initiative. KU Libraries are leaders in open educational resources, and their collaborative efforts were integral to the success of this project.”