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Access to Facilities

Building Access

All library locations have at least one accessible entrance, either directly into the library or into the building housing the library.

Accessible Parking

For information about accessible parking options for KU faculty, staff, students and visitors, please visit Parking At KU http://parking.ku.edu/accessible-parking or call 785-864-PARK (785-864-7275).

Access Map and Guide

This map shows the location of the seven KU libraries on the Lawrence campus. The red arrows indicate the location of accessible entrances to each facility. Click on any library or use the list that follows, to be taken to descriptive access information for a particular library.

Anschutz Library | Watson Library | Murphy Art and Architecture Library | Spencer Research Library | Spahr Engineering Library | Gorton Music and Dance Library | Wheat Law Library

murphy art and architecture libraryspencer reasearch librarywatson libraryanschutz librarySpahr Engineering libraryGorton music and dance librarywheat law libraryA map showing the locations of the KU Libraries

Anschutz Library

1301 Hoch Auditoria Drive
Access: A ground floor accessible entrance is available from 2 locations. The front entrance leads directly to the main area of the library on Level 3. There is another accessible entrance immediately below and facing south on Level 2.
Parking: Parking is available just northwest of the facility off Hoch Auditoria Drive. Parking is also available near the Multicultural Resource Center via a side road off Sunnyside Ave.

Watson Library

1425 Jayhawk Boulevard
Access: A long switchback ramp provides access to the main entrance. Beneath the main stairway is an alternative accessible entrance that is secured at all times. Please call the Watson Service Desk (864-8983) to make an appointment for a staff member to meet you at this entrance.
Parking: Parking is available directly behind Watson or in a lot just east of Watson off Lilac Lane. Parking is also available on Jayhawk Blvd.

Murphy Art and Architecture Library

1301 Mississippi Street
Access: Murphy Art and Architecture Library is located on the lower level of the Spencer Museum facility. On the west side of the building there is a ramp which leads to a door with a call button. This is a direct entrance into the library. The main entrance on the east side of the Spencer Museum serves the library by way of an elevator that must be keyed to the library level. Please ask the docent or security guard for assistance.
Parking: Parking is available at the south end of the stadium lot as well as in the Mississippi Street Garage, which also has elevator service.

Spencer Research Library

1450 Poplar Lane
Access:Spencer Research Library has an accessible entrance at the center of the south side of the building, under the terrace which covers reserved parking for Strong Hall.
Parking: Parking is available along Poplar Lane (which passes between the Library and Strong Hall, entered from Jayhawk Boulevard, between Snow Hall and Strong Hall and immediately adjacent to the accessible entrance to the Library.

Spahr Engineering Library

1536 West 15th Street
Access: Spahr Engineering library has accessible entrances from the east building entrance and from the LEEP2 buiding which connects to both floors of the library on the west side.

Gorton Music and Dance Library

Murphy Hall, 1530 Naismith Drive
Access: Gorton Music and Dance Library is located in the new addition on the south side of Murphy Hall. There is an accessible entrance on the west and east sides of the new addition.
Parking: Parking is available in the parking garage across the street or on the corner of Naismith and Irving Hill Road. Parking is also available next to the east entrance in a small lot between the new wing and Summerfield Hall.

Wheat Law Library

Green Hall, 1535 W 15th Street
Access: Wheat Law Library is located in Green Hall. There is an accessible entrance on the North side of the building at an angle to 15th Street. There is another accessible entrance located on the east side of the building.
Parking: Parking is available very close to Green Hall in a turnout which is located in front of the building off 15th Street. Parking is also located in the lot off Irving Hill Road.


Kent Miller, Associate Dean of Libraries and Accessibilty Coordinator

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